World Diabetes Day: Routine Check, Healthy Living key to Preventing Diabetes - Soludo

World Diabetes Day: Routine Check, Healthy Living key to Preventing Diabetes – Soludo

Wife of Anambra State Governor, Mrs Nonye Soludo, has called for re-evaluation of dietary lifestyle and physical habits following growing mortalities resulting from diabetes.

Mrs Soludo, who stated this in a statement to mark the 2023 World Diabetes Day (WDD) in Awka, also canvassed for healthy consumption culture, physical exercise and maintenance of right attitude to cutting down body weight. 

She referred to the 2021 report by International Diabetes Federation (IDF) that over 537 million adults globally, representing one in every ten, between 20 to 79 years age bracket are living with diabetes, with an estimation that the number could rise to 643 million by 2030 and 783 million by 2045.

The governor’s wife, founder of the non-governmental organization, Healthy Living with Nonye Soludo observed that part of her NGO’s vision remained preaching healthy lifestyle as important factor to fighting deadly diseases such as diabetes.

Maintaining her calls for people to be mindful of what they consume, Mrs Soludo noted that even though food remains the first and major medicine against most killer diseases, making the wrong choice of it can be detrimental to health.

“Understanding the nature of the disease is an important step to managing and preventing it. Routine medical checks and early diagnosis are key to managing diabetes,” she said

Soludo’s wife further urged parents to watch the type of foods available for their children, and to stick to diets that can boost their immune system, in view of global reports of more than 1.2 million children and adolescents between ages of 0 to 19 living with type one diabete s, 

She also urged households in the state to take extra steps towards getting quality health care by enrolling in the Anambra State Health Insurance Scheme, promising current administration continued commitment to enact health policies beneficial to every resident of the state.

WDD is commemorated on November 14 every year to raise awareness and respond to growing concerns about the escalating health threat posed by diabetes world over.

IDF reports that diabetes caused six point seven million deaths in 2021 alone.

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