1.9 Million Children In Khyber To Get Injectable Polio Vaccine 

1.9 Million Children In Khyber To Get Injectable Polio Vaccine 

LANDIKOTAL: A special polio vaccination campaign called Fractional Injectable Polio Vaccine (FIPV) drive underway in different parts of district Khyber to boost the immunity of children to protect them from an environmental sample of polio virus detected in Naray Khwar area of Peshawar adjacent to district Khyber, polio officials said on Sunday.

District Khyber polio  communication Officer Said Afzal Shinwari told The News that the special anti polio campaign commenced from 15th of August and will continue till August 21.He said children upto the age five year would be vaccinated in week-long campaign.

He said during the ongoing campaign polio teams would vaccinate more than 1.9 million children in district Khyber. He said total 965 field polio teams have been constituted who were conducting door-to-door visits across the entire district Khyber. He said the polio staff trained through a specialized training program for the current polio drive.

He thanked local local administration and police for their support escorting the polio teams. He said the anti polio campaign was successfully underway across the district without any major incident. He said no refusals of polio vaccination or boycott at community level surfaced so far.

He said in the past weeks they had conducted community mobilization and sensitization sessions at village level in which a large number of youth, tribal elders, religious and political influencers including refusals parents participated.

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