Apologize to Obi over illegal detention - CD/HURIDE tells Britain 

Apologize to Obi over illegal detention – CD/HURIDE tells Britain 

The Campaign for Democracy South East (CD) and the Human Rights Liberty Access and Peace Defenders’Foundation (HURIDE) have asked the British Government to apologise to Mr Peter Obi, Labour Party Presidential Candidate detained at Heathrow Airport and discipline its immigration officials and others behind the detention.

The groups in a statement over the weekend in Fct Abuja said the latest development has confirmed British Government’s conspiracy to continue to sustain bad cum obnoxious and corrupt leadership in Nigeria.

In the statement endorsed by the South East chairman of the Campaign for Democracy (CD) South East Zone and Executive Director of HURIDE, the rights groups queried how anybody can impersonate Obi in a sophisticated society like Britain where technology is top-notch.

They said Obi has lived in Great Britain for almost 20 years, was a Governor of Anambra State in Nigeria and he is the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party that contested the 2023 Presidential election.

In the contest, said the groups, during the campaigns Obi appeared virtually in all the major  British media and at Chatham House in London, asking how can any British security personnel pretend not to know the identity of Obi.

” We are tempted to believe that Britain is playing out a script jointly with the All Progressives Congress (APC) led Government of Nigeria that manipulated the just concluded Presidential 2023 election to embarrass and muzzle Obi who is in Court to retrieve his mandate. It is unfortunate”

It is time British Government should leave Nigeria alone. They have been part of Nigeria’s problem since the colonial era, undermining its attempt to have honest and good leadership” said the rights groups.

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