Protest rocks Landikotal over Torkham border closure

Protest rocks Landikotal over Torkham border closure

LANDIKOTAL: Traders and Local government representatives on Friday arranged a peace walk rally in Landikotal bazaar and urged both Pakistan and Afghanistan to defuse the tension and open Torkham border for trade activities.

The rally started from Bacha Khan Chowk and reached to front of Landikotal press club. They were holding placards inscribed with slogans for peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy tehail mayor Wali Muhammad Shinwari,Azizullah Afridi,chairman Abdur Rauf Shinwari,Pashtun Tahafuz Movment active leader and trader Aftab Shinwari,social activist Kalimullah Shinwari and others said that Pakistan and Afghanistan were two brotherly countries. They said they want durable peace and cordial relation with Afghan citizens. 

Aftab Shinwari said both the governments must avoid clashes and bloodshed and resolve issues through table talks. 

 Deputy mayor Wali Muhammad Shinwari said they want free trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He said due to the bunker construction issue Torkham border crossing remained closed for three days. He added that due the tension on the Pak-Afghan border hundreds of thousands citizens’ life affected severely in the past three days. He said a large number of passengers including women and children stranded on both sides of the border. 

Chairman Abdur Rauf Shinwari said Bacha Mena residents,the border village in Pakistan, also left their homes and shifted to safer areas in Landikotal. 

The peace walk participants demanded of Islamabad and Kabul to negotiate talks and help resolve the border reopening issue.

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