Seminar on the Importance Of Education held at Aziz Jan School 
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Seminar on the Importance Of Education held at Aziz Jan School

…over 1000 students have enrolled in Aziz Jan

PESHAWAR: A seminar on the importance education in Islam was arranged at Aziz Jan Institutue of Learning on  Sunday.

A number of religious scholars,Islamic educators,parents and students participated in the seminar. The theme of seminar was the “importance of education in Islam and its role”.

Renowned Pakistani-American  religious scholar Nauman Ali Khan was the key speaker on the occasion. 

Nauman Ali Khan shed light on the importance of both Islamic and modern education. 

He said Quran teaches tolerance and direct to spread harmony. He said Islam is the complete code of life and religion which tells us how to live.

Nauman Ali Khan said those who not follow Islamic laws face consequences.He said what is in the modern education had been derieved from Qur’an. 

He said education was not to earn wealth but it demands to contribute in the world and serve people.

“If we think of our due roles as citizen and as Muslims can bring change in Pakistan”, Nauman said. He said everyone should use their skills and contribute in the better interest of country.

The religious scholar said unfortunately educated people not reflect which they should be. 

To a question, Nauman said the holy prophet was the last massenger of God(Allah)and no other would come to. 

He said women and men were not equal in responsibility and shares in Shareia. He said Islam did not put much burden on a woman’s shoulders but man was made responsible to play more role in a society. 

Speaking on the occassion senator Mohsin Aziz, who is also the director of Aziz Jan Institution, said his mother Ismat Aziz laid the foundation stone of Aziz Jan Institue in 2000. 

Seminar on the Importance Of Education held at Aziz Jan School

He said they have more than 1000 students enrolled in the institution. He said It was his moral obligation to provide quality of education to the children who could not enrol in expensive schools. 

Mohsin said they focus on quality of education along with character building of each child. He said they could bring positivity in society when every one learn about social norms and ethics.

Senator Mohsin Aziz thanked Principal of the school and staff for their hardwork. He said in the recent Secondary School Certificate results their students remained among the top 20s in the Peshawar borad. 

He said they a numbers of orphans enrolled in the school. He said free education, hostel and clothes were regularliy provided to the orphans. 

He said every year they give scholarships to those students who excell in the Secondary School Exams. 

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