Why Ihedioha Sort Review of Supreme Court Judgment

Why Ihedioha Sort Review of Supreme Court Judgment

The former Governor of Imo State, Emeka Ihedioha, has said that it was an effort to safeguard the Nigerian democracy that propelled him to seek the review of the Supreme Court judgment, which ousted him from office.

Ihedioha, in a statement yesterday, opined that history would vindicate and be kind to the dissenting Justice Centus Nwanze, who gave the minority judgment in his favour.

The former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives said: “Whatever may be the personal injury I suffered as a result of the miscarriage of justice, my main concern in this whole tragic episode is not about me. It has always been about the implications this judgment could have for the future of our democracy and the right of the electorate to have their votes count.

“If institutions that are critical to the entrenchment of rule of law could thwart the wishes of the people in a cynical manner, where lies the future of our democracy? That was why I sought a review of the Supreme Court judgment. Even though justice was not served at the end, the well-articulated dissenting judgment delivered by His Lordship, Justice Centus Nweze, has vindicated our stand. I am sure that history and posterity will be kind to him,” he said.

Ihedioha said that all the efforts of the people to reverse the judgment would ever remain in his heart.

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