Pak Delegation Visits Afghanistan

Pak Delegation Visits Afghanistan

 AFGHANISTAN: A Pakistani delegation on Thursday visited Afghanistan where they held meeting to help improve effective liaison and coordination for smooth operation of bilateral and transit trade on both sides of the border. 

The fifteen member delegation was headed by Director Transit Customs Department Arbab Qaiser Hameed,

Additional Director Transit Trade Shams Wazir, additional Collector Appraisement  Muhammad Rizwan, Deputy Collector Appraisement Mohib Khan and Director Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry Zia-ul-Haq Sarhadi were also part of the delegation. 

Head of Afghan custom of Nangarhar Province Haji Fazle Hadi received the delegation.

The participants  discussed different issues including pendency in clearance of goods and presented different suggestions for resolution of the  problems. 

Director PAJCCI Zia ul Haq Sarhadi said that every stake holders must be on board on 2010 agreement of Transit Trade delayed in implementation. 

He demanded to make new transit trade Agreement of 2010 operational at the earliest otherwise business community could face a lot of problems. 

Zia demanded provision of smooth cargo transportation in train which is not allowed.

 He said transportation of containers by trucks expensive and putting extra financial burden on businessmen.

He appreciated holding of flag meeting at border which not only allows stakeholders of Afghan transit trade to meet but also share problems and hurdles they face in smooth sailing of transit trade.

The representative from Afghan side demanded increase in permission to number of attendants with patients. They said only one attendant is allowed with the patient and government should allow a couple of more blood relations to arrive and give due time to the patient. 

They also demanded expediting visa issuance process and suggestsd  to constitute a liaison committee like that one formed in ministry of commerce for resolution of issues on early basis. 

The Consul General of Afghanistan should also arrange a meeting of businessmen on fortnight basis to take a review of issues being faced by them. 

A demand was also made in the meeting to allow a cleaner along with drive of  trucks.

The participants observed that only drivercould nott handle truck in case of any problem and a cleaner must be allowed for his assistance without getting visa. 

The authorities of National Logistic Cell (NLC) were also requested to expedite work on construction of new terminal at Torkhem to ensure speedy passage and clearance of goods laden trucks. 

The participants of the meeting were assured regarding coordination with Transit staff about clearing of pendency of T-1 documents. 

Afghan officials informed that more than 25000 T-1 documents are cleared and work on remaining are on progress.

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