Onitsha nurse disowns child theft allegations 1
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Onitsha nurse disowns child theft allegations

An auxiliary nurse, Miss Chinwendu Okafor has debunked reports alleging she stole a baby and was attempting to sell it at Upper Iweka Onitsha, Anambra state.

The video of a nurse carrying a new born baby at Upper Iweka Onitsha, the commercial city of the state had gone viral on social media.

The video which also showed angry mob attempting to lynch her after accusing her of child trafficking had generated comments from the public who were not privy to the victim’s side of the story.

Narrating her ordeal to reporters in Onitsha, Okafor, a staff of Mother of Mercy Maternity, Onitsha, said she was devastated by calls from friends and family members who saw the viral video.

She called on both government and security agents to carry out a proper investigation into the matter in order to exonerate her already destroyed reputation by the trending video.

She explained that she was carrying the baby of the woman that delivered through operation in her hospital when she was accosted by the mob who mistook her for a child trafficker.

She said, “The Midwife and owner of the Mother of Mercy Maternity, had detailed me to take the baby with the father to another hospital where it would be placed on oxygen as it was not breathing well in our hospital.

“We drove to the hospital in the vehicle of the baby’s father. But when we got there, the nurses on duty said I and the father should wait outside the gate even when I explained the baby’s condition to them.

“The nurses later came and told us that they have examined the baby and tried calling their doctor but said he couldn’t be reached due to network challenge.”

Okafor said the baby’s father demanded they should release his child to him so he could try another hospital in order not to lose the baby.

“As we drove to another hospital within the area, he requested we should alight from the car so he could look for where to pack and catch up with us.

“It was while I waited for the father who had gone to look for where to park that some passersby and those selling fruits around the area accosted me, demanding to know the owner of the baby.

“I explained to them that I’m waiting for the father of the child who had gone to pack his car, but all my explanations fell on deaf ears as they accused me of telling lies.

“Before I know it, people started gathering and shouting that I stole a baby. Those with phones started snapping and taking video of me while I cried for help,” she sobbed.

The victim further revealed that the angry mob quickly rushed and called a female Police Officer to the scene.

“The officer asked me to close my mouth, and follow her to the police station, Okpoko. I was about following her to the station when the father of the baby came.

“As he demanded to know what the matter was, the policewoman and two other officers insisted we must go to police station despite explanations on the critical condition of the child.

Okafor said they were later taken to Okpoko Police Station where one of the officers who had sympathy on baby, ordered it be taken to hospital.

She however said the baby later died at the hospital after the medical doctor discovered the blood was not coming out from its vein.

“I cried and blamed the policewoman for not allowing us take the baby to the hospital on time. I told her that she would have handcuffed me and save the child first.

“She can then get me arrested if she finds out I stole the baby. She started consoling me and the father.

“I call on government and security agents to investigate the matter in order to clear my reputation already destroyed by the trending video,” she decried.

Reacting, the midwife and owner of the Mother of Mercy Maternity, Onitsha, Mrs Chinenye Egbodike described the victim as a dedicated staff, saying she was innocent of the allegations as speculated.

She said, “Chinwendu is one of my best staff, that was why i handed the baby to her with the father to go to the other hospital as the baby was not breathing well.

“I was surprised when i started hearing that they accused her of stealing the baby.”

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