ICT Agency, Activ8 Hub Partner to Empower Anambra Media Practitioners on AI

ICT Agency, Activ8 Hub Partner to Empower Anambra Media Practitioners on AI

Anambra State ICT Agency, in collaboration with Activ8 Hub, on Thursday, hosted an enriching workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Journalism for media professionals in line with its vision of digitally revolutionizing the media landscape.

The workshop took the practitioners through emerging AI models, such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Bing AI, Microsoft Copilot, among others, with the aim to enhance their journalistic practices, ensure more efficient, accurate, and compelling reportage.

Facilitated by experts including Mr. Chukwuma Mezie-Okoye, co-founder of Activ8 Hub, and Nehemiah Onyekachukwu Emmanuel, an AI Engineer with Microsoft, the training offered deep insight into the transformative impact of AI in journalism. 

With a focus on leveraging AI to bolster productivity, fact-checking, and narrative crafting, the session illuminated the path for journalists to integrate these cutting-edge tools into their work responsibly.

Addressing participants during the training, the MD/CEO of Anambra State ICT Agency, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, CFA said the event marked a significant stride in Anambra’s technological advancement.

He shared insights into the progress of work on the state’s ICT infrastructural development, which he noted, has vastly improved internet connectivity, thus facilitating more innovative initiatives.

According to him, the digital revolution ongoing in the state, is only possible because Mr Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo, CFR, understands the 21st Century technology demands and is providing the support and political will required to guarantee such advancements. 

He said, “This workshop not only signifies Anambra State’s commitment to empowering its journalists but also reflects the government’s dedication to leveraging technology for societal advancement. 

“As AI continues to evolve, Anambra’s media professionals need to be better equipped to navigate the digital age, ensuring the delivery of credible, insightful, and engaging content to their audience.

“This training further underscores the state government’s undertanding of the critical role of media practitioners in the digital revolution in the state and our commitment to “EverythingTechnology, Technology Everywhere” in the state

“AI is  getting more sophisticated by the day and journalists must make the most use of the tool because it has the capacity to make enhance productivity.”

Co-Founder, Activ8 Hub, Mr. Chukwuma Mezie-Okoye, expressed appreciation for the partnership and pledged continued support towards the advancement of digital revolution in the state.

“The message is clear: embrace AI, not as a replacement, but as a complement to journalistic excellence, shaping a more informed, discerning, and connected world, welcome to the future,” he stated.

Responding on behalf of all participants, Ogemdi Ozoemenam expressed gratitude to the State Government and Activ8Hub for the crucial training on AI in Journalism, expressing optimistic that the training would enhance their professional endeavors.

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