Governor Ortom demands arrest of ‘Fulani spokesman


The Governor, Samuel Ortom of Benue State has called on security operatives to arrest a self-acclaimed spokesman of the Fulani groups in the state, Garus Gololo.

It is understood that Gololo had accused the Governor of sponsoring attacks on Fulanis in Benue.

However, Ortom in his reaction to the allegation retorted that Gololo is only angry because he wasn’t given an appointment as a special adviser in Benue State.

Ortom in a statement on Sunday by his Chief Press Secretary, Terver Akase part from calling for Gololo’s arrest and questioning by security operatives, also demanded a retraction and apology.

The statement reads in part; “Since Governor Ortom turned down his request to be made Special Adviser preferring to appoint another Fulani man as his aide, Gololo has launched ceaseless campaign of calumny and blackmail against the Governor.

“In January 2018, shortly after armed herdsmen attacked communities in Guma and Logo Local Government Areas, LGAs, killing 73 people, Garus Gololo came out on behalf of the armed Fulani groups and accepted responsibility for the massacre alleging that the attacks were in retaliation for their cows which he claimed were rustled.

“Security reports however later proved that no Fulani cow was rustled before the 2018 attacks.

“Contrary to his recent claim, there is no attack on a Fulani person in any part of Benue State. All law abiding Fulanis are living in peace with other Benue people.

“We, therefore, expect security agents to arrest for prosecution, this harbinger of mayhem whose only trade is raising false alarms to throw the society into crisis.

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“Gololo is closely working with other enemies of the State and he surely has questions to answer regarding the frequent attacks on innocent Benue people.

“In the meantime, Gololo has 48 hours to prove the accusation he leveled against Governor Ortom, failure of which he should tender a public apology to the Governor or face legal action.

“The Governor urges people of the State and other Nigerians to disregard the alarm and continue to support security operatives with timely and useful information to guarantee the safety of lives and property.”

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