Traditional Stool: Former Obiofia PG accuses cabals of instigating crises

Traditional Stool: Former Obiofia PG accuses cabals of instigating crises

 The former President General (PG) of Obiofia community in Nnewichi-Nnewi, Anambra State, Chief Ibe Okonkwo has accused the cabals of being behind the tussle over Obi Obiofia stool.

Chief Okonkwo who was speaking with journalists in his residence said that the cabals who never meant well for the community are always causing trouble where none exist just to keep Obiofia perpetually backward.

“Ordinarily, there shouldn’t be any argument about who is the Traditional Head of Obiofia, if people are sincere to themselves. It is Chief Apostle Chukwunonye Onyejuluwa (Mmadukaejiaka Nnewi) in the eye of God, man and law.

“The antics of the cabals are now common knowledge in the community, their hidden agenda is to take the traditional headship of Obiofia to another family but their plans have become dead on delivery. Everyone in the community is aware of why and how Mmadukaejiaka Nnewi became the Obi of Obiofia, unfortunately certain unscropulous known person wants to rewrite history heads down.” He said.

Chief Okonkwo who is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tornwaleen Treated  Drinking Water recalled how the stool moved from Mr Onyeka Onyejuluwa who has sight issues to the third son rather than the second, Mr Emeka who according to committed abomination.

“I wouldn’t want to talk on the matter because the case is in court already and I am optimistic that before long, justice would be delivered on the matter to finally put an end to the activities of the cabals who are having hidden dangerous agenda for our beloved community. I must however say and with all sense of responsibility that the whole drama of who becomes the traditional head of Obiofia started when I was the PG.

“The battle is between agents of light and agents of darkness but by the grace of God, the agent of light will triumph. When I was the PG, a whole lot of developmental stride were recorded until some of the cabals told in plain language that they are not interested in the development of Obiofia but what would enter their pockets.

“Mmadukaejiaka Nnewi too has been doing so much for our community since he assumed the traditional stool of his fathers but again like they did when I was the PG, the cabals has different agenda that is not in consonant with the growth and development of Obiofia.” He revealed.

He however advised the youths against allowing themselves to be used for a battle against their own future by the people he called enemies of progress noting that “Obiofia has one Traditional Head and he is Chief Apostle Chukwunonye Onyejuluwa. (Mmadukaejiaka Nnewi) any other person laying claim to the traditional stool is a pretender and a busybody.”

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