Dispute Resolution Council: First Tribal Woman Sweared in as Member

Dispute Resolution Council: First Tribal Woman Sweared in as Member

LANDIKOTAL: District Police Officer(DPO)Salim Abbas Kalachi on Thursday said that they want an easy and swift dispute resolution system so that local conflicts and petty issues could be resolved with the help of local people. 

Salim Abbas Kalachi said this while addressing the first ever Dispute Resolution Council(DRC)established in Landikotal Police Station. He said the induction of a female council member was an omen that showed that tribal people were social, vibrant and respect women folk. He added that it was the first dispute resolution council in the history of tribal belt.
He said it was a good start for police department minizing issues and keep peace in the area.He said soon more DRCs would be established in the of districts. 

“It is the prime goal of Inspector General of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police to establish councils at tehsil level in merged districts and save public money and time”,said Salim Kalachi. He said the council would work as team to resolve land,monitory and other disputes respecting the Pashtoons culture and norms in their decisions.

He said local elders and Maliks had been played a vital role for decads as they were inducted in DRC along with youngsters to learn about the system. 

He said the aim of the DRC was to strengthen Tribal Jirga system and keep the tribal traditions alive.He said DRC would also provide justice and save court time and money.

” I personally appreciate DRC member Amna Afridi who bravely came forward to become the firstever tribal woman being a member of council”,DPO said. He said Amna Afridi would also help protect women rights. He said Amna would be the voice of those women who either not want to visit police station or due various reasons they had no access to justice. He said Amna Afridi role in domistic disputes would be more than important to resolve women issues before they knock the court door. He said every citizen could file their complaint with DRC as it is an official council and its decion must be respected at every forum.
He urged the council members should resolve disputes beyond their personal interests and other benefits. 

Superintendent of Police investigation Kamal Hussain,deputy Superintendent of circle police Mazhar Afridi and Station House Officer Akbar Afridi were also present on the occasion. 
DPO took oath from 21 members of  council including the female.

A large number of locals, officials, traders and bazaar union memebers also attended the oath taking ceremony held at Landikotal Jirga Hall.District Police Officer Salim Kalachi formally inaugurated the DRC office. 

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