Church ordains new priests, traces Igbo origin to Hebrews 1
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Church ordains new priests, traces Igbo origin to Hebrews

Congregation of Yahweh Jerusalem in Nigeria has dismissed claims in some quarters that Igbo are Jews.

It traced the origin of Ndigbo to Hebrew nation.

Speaking in Nnewi during the ordination of new priests to run the affairs of the congregation in some parts of the South East region including Aba in Abia State and Nnewi, Anambra State, respectively, Head of the church, Elder Nwayaweh Udoyaweh insisted that Igbo were not Jews which he chronologically explained to avoid any doubt.

He said, “Strictly speaking, Igbo are not Jews. But we are Hebrews. We are descendants of Abraham. Jews are only the descendants of one of the four tribes of Israel, that is Judah. But Hebrews include all the twelve tribes of Israel from where we can historically and scripturally prove we come from without controversy and it is true beyond any reasonable doubt that we are Hebrews.

“Jacob, a Hebrew had Gad whose seven sons included Eri who migrated to Anambra State to establish Umueri; there was Erodi whose descendants are the people of Arondizuogu in Imo State. You have Aguleri, the son of Nri, a descendant of Jacob also. You can go on and on to trace the Igbo origin to the Hebrews without any atom of doubt, ” he noted.

Nwayaweh said he was glad to present the newly ordained priests “for the continuity of this awesome restoration word and works of Yahweh from Jerusalem.”

The newly ordained priests include: Elder Ogbonna Yahbike, Elder for Aba local branch; Deacon Ukoha Benshua, Deacon at Nnewi branch, Anambra state; Deacon Nwabuihe Uchenna, Deacon at Nnewi branch; Deacon Okoro Okoro, Deacon, Aba branch; Deacon Chukwu Ikoro also Aba branch and Deacon Onuma Nkungwu for COYJ Benin Republic.

Nwayaweh who officiated the ordination was himself earlier ordained and appointed Senior Elder and Overseer of Congregation of Yahweh of Jerusalem in Nigeria registered as Hebraic Congregation of Yahweh Jerusalem in Nigeria by Senor Elder Mugo Marimba from Kenya at the directive of Don Esposito, who is the Senior Elder of Congregation of Yahweh Jerusalem Headquarters, Israel.

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