Anambra launches maiden Eye Center, offers free eye surgery, screening

Anambra launches maiden Eye Center, offers free eye surgery, screening

…carries out free screening for 100 residents to launch the eye care centre

Over 100 residents on Tuesday benefitted from free eyes screening and cataract surgeries of Anambra State Government to launch the state’s first Eye Care Centre located at Nise town in Awka South Local Government Area of the State.

Head, State Eye Care Centre, Dr Ikenna Mbakigwe described cataract as an age related ailment of the eye and the leading cause of blindness in the state and the country.

He expressed optimism that the establishment of the centre would be of immense benefit to residents.

He said, “We have carried out free eye screenings for over 100 residents to launch the first and only state government-owned eye care centre in the state.

“Out of the 100 patients, 11 were confirmed to have cataract and five selected and found eligible for free surgeries.

“There is a lens that God has put in the eyes and as you get older, the lens becomes cloudy. The cloudiness is what we call cataract.

“Cataract increases with age, which is why as some persons grow older, they do no see clearly. When that happens, you need to remove the lens via surgery. So, cataract is treatable to avoid blindness.

“Glaucoma which is another common eye disease causes irreversible blindness but if caught early, with regular eyes, the progression could be delayed.”

Identifying increased exposure to sunlight, diabetes and trauma to the eyes as some factors capable of hastening cataract formation, Mbakigwe urged residents to prioritise their eyes health by visiting the facility for regular eye screening, at least once a year.

“The eyes is a very important organ which has capacities to withstand problems. If you do not come to check your eyes regularly, when it starts manifesting, the burden is difficult to bear.

“That’s why you don’t have to wait until you start having serious eyes problems before you go for check,” he said.

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