LPG Import From Russia Widely Welcomed
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LPG Import From Russia Widely Welcomed

PESHAWAR: After arriving the first cape of Lequified Petrolium Gas via Torkham border, customs authorities on Wednesday said that as per the agreement Russia and central Asian republics have to export  0.2 million metric tons of Lequified Petroleum Gas(LPG) to Pakistan every month.

Collector Custom Appraisement Torkham Muhammad Ashfaq told media that first cape of 21 trailer tankers loaded with LPG had reached Pakistan via Torkham border. He said Pakistan has signed ageements to import petrolium products from Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkmanistan. He added that monthly 0.2 million metric tons LPG would be imported from central Asian countries and Russia which would help reduce the short of LPG  in Pakistan. 

Muhammad Ashfaq noted that the three routes would be used to import the petroleum products. He further explained that despite the sea route some portion of petrolium products would also be imported via Taftan border of Iran and Torkham border with Afghanistan. 

Collector custom appraisment Muhammad Ashfaq  said that in one week 21 trucks loaded with 735 tons of LPG have arrived from Russia via Afghanistan and entered Pakistan.

He said Pakistani power generating companies have signed deals with Rusian companies to import sixty five thousands metric tons LPG every month. He said the Pakistani companies have also agreent of 0.2 million metric tons with Turmenistan and Uzbaikistan every month. 

The official said that as per the custom policy they had established decanting station within ten kilometer near border inside Pakistan where the LPG would be transfer from the Russian trucks into Pakistani tankers to further transport in Pakistan. 

Traders,custom clearing agents and businessmen warmly welcomed the LPG import from Russia. They said that it was a good development in the history of Pakistan importimg petrolium goods from Russia and other countries. Custom agent
Sharif Khan and Salim Jan said that the LPG import from Russia was the milestone to open new doors for businessmen to start import and export with Russia and central Asian cointries. They thanked Pakistani government for the LPG ageements and urged to facilitate traders to transport Pakiatani goods to European countries.

Sharif said LPG importing via Torkham would be supply to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab provinces to reduce the LPG scarcity.While the trucks enter via Iran Taftan border  would supply the LPG to Balochistan and Sindh provinces. 

Salim Jan said the firstever LPG import from Russia and central asian republics would not only be beneficial to reduce the energy crises but it will also reduce the prices of petrolium products in Pakistan. 

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