Human Trafficker busted in Torkham 

Human Trafficker busted in Torkham 

LANDIKOTAL: Federal Investigation Agency(FIA) raided a shop in Torkham bazaar and seized a number of  fake Afghan identity cards(Tazkra) and other travelling documents, officials said on Saturday. 

Assistant director FIA Torkham Yasar Arafat told The News that taking action  on the basis of secrete information they raided  a shop near Zaibullah godown and arrested a fake traveling documents maker identified as Akber Khan son of  Ghulam Shabir,resident of Landikotel.He said the arrested person was busted redhandedly while busy in making fake Afghani Tazkras,the Afghanistan National Identity cards. 

Yasar Arafat said during  interrogation the arrested person confessed working for another resident of Landikotal.He said they also recovered  a numbers of fake 

stamps,fake Tazkras,Fake Tazra forms and Picture of Afghan Nationals,ACC cards,Ink paid and Ink used in preparing fake Tazkaras.

The official said they have file a case against the arrested person and shifted him to Anti Human Trafficking cell(AHTC)Peshawar for further legal process.

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