Hoodlums stab woman to death as flood cuts off Anambra community 

Hoodlums stab woman to death as flood cuts off Anambra community 

A middle aged woman has been allegedly stabbed to death by yet-to-be identified hoodlums in Ifite village, Nkwelle-Ezunaka community, Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The deceased was said to be trapped by the cut off portion of the Onitsha/Otuocha/Nsukka Federal road in the community while escaping with her vehicle from the hoodlums who were trailing her. 

“The woman was speeding to escape from the gunmen. On getting to the cut off portion, she was trapped, and the hoodlums brought her out, stripped her, stabbed and macheted her to death,” narrated an eyewitness who prefered anonymity.

Confirming the incident, Treasurer of the community, Chief Ogbuefi Udeagwu lamented over the rampaging flood, calling on both Federal and State Governments to intervene.

He regretted that the cut off portion was beyond the financial capability of the community, stressing that the entire community would be cut off by the flood as the rainy season set in if nothing urgent was done.

“In the leadership of Nkwelle-Ezunaka today, we have water tight security because any government without security is in danger. The President -General, PG, Chief Willie Okafor, has empowered the security, and you cannot hear some of the casualties that was happening  before again.

“He told the community, those living in the neighbourhood, if you know that you have anybody living with you, or those living in the neighbourhood with questionable character, report them to the appropriate quarter of Nkwelle.

“Now we are in a rainy season, a lot of places in Nkwelle are bad. We are trying to help the government for the community to have access roads. The PG and his executives will have a meeting sometime this week over our poor State of roads, caused by flooding. 

“One is at hill view axis, going to 3-3, the other before apex mortuary. This flood has cut off the Federal road into two. There is one by ifite Nkwelle, where they have sweet mother garden.

“As a result of the cut off portion of the Federal road at Ifite village, a woman who was being trailed by hoodlums, was speeding to escape from the gunmen and on getting to the cut off portion, she was trapped, and they brought her out, stripped her, stabbed and macheted her to death,” he lamented.

“So the road issue is going to be one of the major issues the PG will table in the meeting so that we can be able to trash those roads.

“Coming to my village Oze, going towards building material by climbing Nkisi hill, the road is almost breaking. So we will put it in agenda that we feel it and beg this construction company that is doing the road to assist us with their caterpillar to scrab a better corner for the passage of the people,” he stated.

He commended the PG, Chief Okafor, for restoring peace in the community especially at Uruebo village where there was crises over land.

“Peace has been restored in Nkwelle-Ezunaka through PG. There is a very dangerous thing that has lingered in the community, mostly at Uruebo village where youths are struggling for land, on the process  one was killed, and his corpse deposited in the mortuary for two years now, others were in the prison.

“This executive went to Otuocha High Court 3, sitting at Onitsha, when the matter came up, we stood up and begged the judge to release those boys to us that we will make peace and come back to court.God will be with that judge, he released them without any protocol. The last meeting we went with Uruebo village, the necessary things they  are suppose to do, they have started doing it, so that the remains of the man will be buried.

” This government is returning full peace, if we can settle that which has lingered for two years plus before we came in, it is commendable,” he stated.

Earlier, the PG lamented the cut off road and untimely death of the woman stating that flood is seriously threatening four of the villages in the community and named them to include, Ezi-Nkwelle, Ifite, Amuche and Uruebo.

“The worst is Ifite village, the road that leads to Aguleri/Otuocha. It has eaten deep and untouchable. We have shown it to Government and we are waiting for their directive,” he disclosed.

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