For a better Nigeria, youths must wake up from their slumber

For a better Nigeria, youths must wake up from their slumber

By: Yakub Nasir Khalid

Humanity and the countries of world normally and rightly expect much from the youths in their spaces especially active participation in election processes, involvement in community services, engaging governments on their programs and activities, etc.

As a citizen, you must do something for your people and country to put in place an  outstanding and peaceful country.

For this to happen, every citizen needs to take some roles, like reporting a crime, educating people to shun collecting money during elections, educating them to get Permanant Voters Cards.

Anybody who is not performing some of the above role mentioned,  history will always describes such person or group of people as useless citizen.

Youthfulness is what every country country needs to get on the league of forward looking developed nations.

It a fact that as far as Nigeria is concerned,  dedication and sacrifice can lead to reform or rebirth of the nation to our dream country.

Government at all levels have seriously failed to manage or fix the problems of the country such as cancerous nature of corruption in the nation, economic hardship, massive of insecurity failure etc.

All these problems need human solutions and prayer, but need human solution more and more, because the problems are man-made, solution can also be gotten from men of goodwill. Nigeria needs organisational strength to occasion a rebirth.

Many Nigerian are guilty of bribery and corruption, people bribe their ways through at police check points, and out of any tight situation that daily confront them. If we need to end corruption, we need to clean up our own individual closets. Even if Nigeria gets cleaned up tomorrow, but you and I do not embark on self cleansing, the desired result cannot be obtained.

There is no need to form another coalition against corruption, we just need to do as an individual Nigerian is ro make the firm decision for a positive change of attitude.

When this done, the nation would have began her journey to greatness again.

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