Channel your energies to promote nation's rich cultural heritage - Peace Ambassador urges artists

Channel your energies to promote nation’s rich cultural heritage – Peace Ambassador urges artists

Nigerian artists have been urged to channel their creative energies into promoting the rich cultural heritage, peace, unity and socio-economic progress of the nation, instead of promoting immorality, violence and western culture.

Her Majesty, (Dr.) Uba Iwunwa (Queen Ugobeze), a Nigerian-Canadian Peace Ambassador, music artist, actress and foremost international bestselling author, made the call while fielding questions from newsmen on her recent music singles – Wind of Destiny, co-produced with a legendary gospel artist and Peace Ambassador, His Royal Highness, Eze-Oha, Dr. Felix Ndukwe. 

“It’s sad that most new generation of Nigerian artists, especially those from Igbo ethnic group, don’t use their creative skill to promote good things about our society and culture. Rather they are busy copying western lifestyles and culture. It’s not helping them as well as the society,” she observed.   

Uba, who is reputed as a nine-time honorary doctorate award recipient in Diplomacy, Philosophy, Peace and Human Rights in recognition of her global humanitarian leadership, disclosed that returning to Nigeria to produce the music with Ambassador Ndukwe was significant in her career as she remains a proud daughter of Igboland.

“Promoting Igbo, African cultural heritage through music, acting and writing at global stage remains my creative niche and it has made me a strong and better woman. I’m a passionate promoter of cultural diversity and peace. As I always say, my African culture is my identity and I have done a great deal of work in this regard in the past 15 years. 

“This started with the launching of my first cultural music album in 2007 in Canada [and I] consider that as a very memorable and a major step forward in my career. Being able to bring epic of Africa alive on stage in Canada was a thing of pride.

Making a mark at the Nigerian gala night in Calgary with my cultural creativity was a proud moment and the video produced by Whitepine Productions has gone far and wide globally. Being a voice of peace in a movie called “Tribal War” where I played the role of a Muslim woman, till today is a proud moment. 

In 2019, I had the opportunity to teach International students at the Institute Notre Dame, Chatres France how to make African movies as a showcase of cultural diversity. I look back to these moments with gratitude.”

According to her, Wind of Destiny was a tribute as well as clarion call for total liberation of Igboland from shackles of backwardness. In her words: “The song is the awakening of the spirit of purity, love, and unity in Igboland because no matter where time takes us to, there’s no place like home. 

I am a proud daughter of Igboland, a showcase of cultural diversity globally. I believe It’s time for me to touch the soul of my motherland (Igboland) with a song of freedom, peace, liberation; and hope for my generation and the generations unborn.

On her decision to team up with Ndukwe to produce the song, Queen Uba disclosed that both had worked together in 2006 and 2008. “This is our 3rd album together but our first duet and joint humanitarian partnership. I’m actually excited that I am doing this song in collaboration with a man of his people; an artist with a passion to project Igbo cultural heritage. We are Umu Chukwu Okike Abiama; it’s time to tell the story of the Igbos with a rhythm. 

According to her, Dr. Ndukwe is a multiple award-winning cutting-edge legendary gospel music artist who, in his decades-spanning practice, has explored and been a positive influence in the Nigerian gospel music industry and around Africa. 

“His distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace and expresses the Igbo rhythm and culture. He remains a household name through his hit songs such as ‘Chinese Kea’, ‘Imitation Prophets’ and ‘Onye Uwa Oma’ which has been a blessing since 1988. Ndukwe has never stopped being a blessing to all who come in contact with him and is a well-known humanitarian icon. That is why I teamed up with him for this project.

On the part of the song, she said it would go a long way in healing the land if people it was meant for give it a listening ear. “In my 22 years of global humanitarian mission and in my career as an artist, an actress and an author, I know the quality of [the] peace song that I want to project into the universe as a cry for help for the plight of the downtrodden. Our message is a message of hope. Our humanitarian foundation is a foundation of hope, an Eze-Oha and Queen Ugobeze humanitarian mission.

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