Abuja Most Dangerous and Notorious Spot Exposed 1

Abuja Most Dangerous and Notorious Spot Exposed

By: Jonathan Ipaa

According to the recent statistics released, about 9,350 attack have been carried out in private properties, while 2,984 offences have been carried out against persons.

The Federal capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has unveiled names of dangerous spot within Abuja city center where hoodlums ply their trade. It was also discovered that the hoodlums use:

1 uncompleted buildings

2 highway with speed breakers

3 pedestrian bridges

4 crowded market

5 parks

6 deserted street

for their activities.

According to statistics released by the FCT Administration through one of its agency (FEMA) :

1 Berger Roundabout

2 AYA junction

3 Mabushi,

4 Gwarinpa,

5 Apo Roundabout

6 Area 1 & 3

7 Galadimawa

8 Kubwa Expressway,

9 Wuse 2

10 Behind National Hospital

11 Berger express Road.

According to one of the victim further said, that the hoodlums disguise as taxi drivers and operate around

12 Airport road

13 Nicon junction

14 Utako axis

15 Jabi axis.

So beware of the strategic areas mention, and please don’t allow this hoodlums slow your day to day activities. Be careful and wise when you get to any of the spot mentioned.

And Please also share this piece of information to help the innocents ones from falling a victim.

It can be your love ones!!

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