WHO Opens Nutrition Stabilization Centre at Landikotal DHQ Hospital

WHO Opens Nutrition Stabilization Centre at Landikotal DHQ Hospital

LANDIKOTAL: Wold Health Organization(WHO) representative in Pakistan Inaugurated Nutrition Stabilization Center and Clean Drinking Water Plant in district Headquarters hospital in Landikotal on Tuesday.

Doctor Palitha Mahipala visited Landikotal and inaugurated the Nutrition Stabilization Center (NSC) and a clean drinking water plant in district headquarters hospital. 

Palitha Mahipala said that the newly established Nutrition Stabilization Center supported by WHO Pakistan would provide critical and life saving treatment to severely acute malnourished (SAM) children. He said It would  alsooffer therapeutic feeding, medication and management of complications associated with SAM. 

He said the center would also provide education and counseling on nutrition, hygiene, and healthcare to parents and caregivers, ensuring a comprehensive approach to improving the health and well-being of families in Landikotal.

Dr. Mahipala also met with the Medical Superintendent of District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) Dr Jamshid Sherani and visited various departments in the hospital.

He said Landikotal as an underdeveloped and marginalized area where health facilities must be ensured. Dr.Mahipala reiterated WHO’s commitment to the principle of “Health for All” and highlighted the efforts made to enhance the healthcare system in remote areas.

Emphasizing the importance of access to clean drinking water he highlighted that contaminated water can lead to severe diseases, including diarrhea and cholera.

He said every individual has to access to clean drinking water was crucial for promoting public health and preventing waterborne illnesses.

During his visit Dr, Mahipala also observed the Polio Eradication Initiative (PEI) activities and processes at the healthcare facility in Landikotal. He said WHO remained committed to supporting and strengthening efforts to eliminate polio from Pakistan, working closely with local authorities and healthcare providers.

Dr Sherani said the visit and inaugurations in Landikotal reflect WHO’s dedication to improving public health, particularly in underprivileged and remote areas.

He said the initiatives aimed to provide vital healthcare services, address nutritional challenges and ensure access to safe drinking water for the benefit of the local population.

The Medical Superintendent of DHQ Hospital Dr Jamshid Sherani expressed his gratitude for the generous support provided by WHO and Dr,Mahipala’s visit to Landikotal. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the local population due to a weak healthcare system and identified the gaps and issues in the health facility. 

The collaboration between WHO and DHQ Hospital in Landikotal aimed to address these challenges and improve healthcare services for the people of Landikotal,dr Jamshid said.

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