Anti Polio Campaign Underway In Khyber 

Anti Polio Campaign Underway In Khyber 

DISTRICT KHYBER :The National Immunization Day (NID) anti polio campaign successfully continued the on second day on Fuesday in Khyber, where all health teams were conducting door to door visits amid tight security in district Khyber.

 Speaking to The News district communication officer- polio eradication initiative programme Said Afzal Shinwari said that polio vaccinating teams under the full proof security continued polio vaccination on the second day. 

Shinwari said so far no major issue or boycott from anywhere was reported. He said The  ongoing week-long campaign was commenced from 2nd October 2023 and will end on 8th of October. 

Said Afzal said In the ongoing campaign,a total of 228,835 children under the age of 5 years would be vaccinated. He said total 945 field teams had been constituted who would conduct door-to-door visits in Landikotal,Jamrud and Bara.He said the health staff would vaccinate all children under the age of 5 year.

 He said in order to boost the immune system of children they were also providing vitamin-A capsule to children this time. 

Polio spokesman said they had also conducted awareness and sensitization sessions prior to the anti polio so that they could avail the community support in district Khyber.

 He said they also held meetings and Jirgs with parents, school and madrasa teachers and students. He said for the first time social media was also used for the ongoing campaign and video clips of key political and religious leaders and tribal influencers elders uploaded to help support anti polio cause for its successful end. 

Said Afzal after their hectic role by health staff,civil administration and security froces community trust had been developed and now everyone is supporting polio teams. He said they were optimistic that the ongoing campaign would achieve all its desried targets.

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