You'll write your name in gold if you don't succumb to naira scarcity pressure - Group tells Buhari

You’ll write your name in gold if you don’t succumb to naira scarcity pressure – Group tells Buhari

…urges the president not to succumb to pressure over the agitations

A civil society organization, Leadership Orientation and Basic Rights Advocacy Center (LOBRAC) has urged President Mohammadu Buhari not to succumb to pressure over the agitations against demonetization policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The group also urged Nigerians to exercise patience with the federal government over the policy which it said would be beneficial on the long run.

President of the group, Stanley Okafor stated this on Monday in Awka, Anambra State during a press conference on the demonetization policy and need to respect and obey court orders in the light of recent Supreme Court decision.

He accused certain selfish politicians of kicking against the policy in view of its adverse implications on their political ambitions, stressing that Buhari would have written his name in gold if he refused to succumb to the desperate politicians’ pressure.

He said, “I have always respected Buhari’s pedigree as a forthright military officer known for his averse to corruption, profiteering and stealing of public funds.

“But I have been terribly disappointed since he assumed office in 2015. If this policy is the only legacy he will beaqueth Nigerians before leaving office, he would have reclaimed his respect.

“If he’s going to turn his back against those that have formed a cult around him and create a level playing ground, I’ll give him a gold medal if he sustains his courage and doesn’t succumb to pressure.”

Describing the policy as innovative, timely and in line with the mandates of the CBN Act of 2007, Okafor explained that the group was backing it because of its interest in free, fair and credible poll.

He said agitations against the policy would become history immediately elections were over.

He said, “I appreciate the limitations and shortages Nigerians are battling with; there’s need for patience because it’s the same globally. Economy automatically reacts whenever it’s being modified.

“We’re supporting the policy because it’s intended to ensure we have clean, fair and credible elections. We’re challenging those against the policy, on behalf of Nigerians and in the spirit of sincerity, to wait till after February 25.

“If they’re genuine with their agitations, I want to assure you that after elections, you won’t see them at the doorsteps of Supreme Court. But if the situation persists, we’ll join them in the agitation.

“Nigerians are united in saying that those crying foul are doing so because there’s an amagedon against them with regards to their plans to rig the elections with so much money they stockpiled.”

Also speaking, an Economist, Dr Ken Ezeokoye said the CBN policy was apt as there was high inflation and no money in the banks to give out loans.

“”This policy will help the CBN mop up the black money stocked up in houses and private vaults, ” he said 

Secretary, LOBRAC, Franklin Asiegbu said the pains, hardship and sufferings that comes with the currency redesign policy is only for a short while.

“Nigerians need to understand that this is a transition period that will help eradicate inflation and stabilise the economy,” he added.

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