Tuesday, December 7

WTO holds two-day workshop for business women

PAKISTAN: World Trade Organization(WTO) in collaboration with Commenwealth and Development Office(FCDO) on Thursday organized a two-day workshop on Trade Facilitation Agreement(TFA) in which businesses women of small and medium enterprises and public sector women participated. 

Twenty four women from various fields participated in the workshop which was organized within the framework of the Revenue Mobilization for Investment and Trade Programme (ReMIT).

The Commenwealth and Development Office(FCDO) had funded the workshop.

Doctor Jawwad Agha, advisor Trade Facilitation was the Chief Guest while Ahmed Reza Khan,Chief Collector of Customs,KhyberPakhtunkhwa,Peshawar also shared his experiences with the participants. 

The Ahmed Reza said the project for Pakistan was for four year technical assissantance whuch would ended  in  2024. He said the aim of the program was to support implement reforms that lock in macroeconomic stability and improve conditions for high and sustained growth,mutualprosperity,job creation and poverty reduction.

“It mainly focuses on SMEs,Women in Trade,Trade Facilitation and Post COVID scenario.Major component is Trade facilitation,how to help in providing knowledge to businesses to help them to integrate in Value chains”,chief collector remaked.

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Ahmad Reza Khan appreciated that the workshop was being conducted for women entrepreneurs and stated that the Government was implementing programmes for women,especially SMEs and hoped that the ITC/ReMIT would continue to support Pakistan and its trade and business stakeholders.He said The moral and technical support was essential to boost efforts to implement trade facilitation reforms in Pakistan with a view to enhance the competitiveness of Pakistani firms and overall national trade and business environment.

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