Why we adjudged stockfish market one of the best in Anambra - Ministry

Why we adjudged stockfish market one of the best in Anambra – Ministry

…says the Stockfish international market is one of the neatest

Anambra State government has adjudged the United Stockfish Dealers Association Anambra State (USDAAS) an international market along Owerri road, Obosi in idemili North Local Government Area of the state as one of the best markets in the State.

Supervisory head, Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Mrs Jossy Nwosu made the declaration during the installation cum inauguration of the Stockfish market’s Patrons organized by the outgoing executives.

Nwosu said, “This Stockfish market is one of the best in Anambra State. I do recommend this market to every new administration that takes over the state government”.

“I am not biased, I do not have any personal interest.My loyalty is to the truth. I always make my judgement objectively because we are two in the ministry that supervises the activities of virtually all the major markets in Anambra State.

“Stockfish international market is one of the neatest, well  coordinated, well organized. Among the executives I do not see greed or power tussle and counter petitions as witnessed in various markets. I see credibility, collaboration, oneness, unity and love.

“I appreciate the newly installed Great Grand patrons, Grand patrons and patrons. It is a proof that the pioneer leaders set the right pace. I enjoin the incoming leadership to cue in the steps of their predecessors, avoid greed and carry everyone along.”

Inaugurating the patrons, the USDAAS President Mr Celestine Ezewuru said the traders have a lot to learn from the patrons who had made history in the Onitsha stoclkfish market business since the early ’70s.

He urged those aspiring for USDAAS election next year to learn from their predecessors including the patrons and Board of Trustees led by Chief Anthony Muoka who were competent, accountable, trustworthy in times of good representation.

Those awardees/patrons installed include: Great Grand Patron- HRH Eze Sir Linus Mbah(Ezeudo 1 of Ata-Igbo-Ukwu autonomous community Umuzomgbo Ihechiowa), Grand Patrons- Sir Isaac Ejezie, Sir John Eikwenibe(Iheekwuruekwu), Sir Chinemeya Iheaku(Okosisi Ideato).

Others Patrons include: Chief Hyginus Nsofor JP, Chief Polycarp Egbebuike(Akajiugo), Chief Hycient Muoneke(Okaaoburuzo), HRH Eze Patrick Emedo(Ezeohazurume), Clement E. Offornagoro(Ezigbommaduaokonam), Chief Cyriacus Udum(Father Father), Chief James Ebosie(Chinechendo) and Chief Dr. Mike Areh(Edegbogbogaga).

The Royal fathers of the market who prayed for the prosperity or the market are His majesty, Igwe Chidubem Iweka(Eze Iweka III of Obosi) and HRH Eze Ben OSB Igwilo (Eze Osina of Osina).

The Great Grand Patron, Grand patrons and Patrons in their respective speeches all thanked God, the present executives and BOT members for remembering, recognizing and honoring them for their contributions towards ensuring the growth of the stockfish business and welfare of stockfish traders.

According to a Grand Patron, Sir Chineme Iheaku (Okosisi Ideato), It is the handwork of God. I feel elated to be honored despite my age. We have secured,promoted and nutured  a lot of young men in this stockfish business which I continued from where my father stopped.

The trio of Chief Hyginus Nsofor JP(Chinwatakweaku), Chief Polycap Egbebuike(Akajiugo) and Chief Hycient Muoneke(Okaaoburuzo) in their separate speeches eulogized the present administration for honoring them as patrons meritoriously and not on the basis of money praying God to prosper the market.

Moreover,an elated patron, Chief Cyracius Udum popularly called Father Father who was former Chairman Officers Mess 302 artillery military cantonment, Onitsha said that although he was no longer in the stockfish business said he was remembered because of the way he assisted the market with military security during its construction stage.

However, the USDAAS BOT chairman, Mr Anthony Muoka thanked God for a successful installation of market patrons urging the patrons to continue playing their fatherly counseling roles to the market praying God to continue blessing the Stockfish market with peace, harmony and prosperity.

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