Why Are Nigerians Blaming The Fulanis ?


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Once again, recent events in Nigeria has proven that when a people become ignorant or deliberately suppress the lessons of history,history will revenge by repeating itself.

Most will agree that 1966 was a mistake, but this is 2019,and we are about to make the same mistake. Does it mean that there are no longer kidnappers,bandits and killers in the south?, if no,then why do we now hastily ascribe every recent killings in Nigeria to Fulanis?. This toxic posture of sounding “mahuru mahuru” against a particular minority ethnic group,namely the Fulanis, has become a national pastime for not only the opposition,but also the ignoramuses and political dunderheads that makes up a bulk of the populace.

Nigerians have allowed themselves become puppets in the hands of desperate politicians and propagandists,all due to misplaced paranoia. We have always been an emotional country, but I think it is time to discard brash emotions and don the armour of logic. What we are doing to the Fulanis is reminiscent of what the Federalists allegedly did to the Easterners in 1966(or at least,what the Easterners claim was done to them). We should not segregate a section of our populace and label them criminals because of the activities of a few.

Bola Tinubu captured the situation in his eloquently crafted rhetorical question, “where are the cows?”. In the same vein, I will like to ask Nigerians,where are the cows?.

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