Tuesday, January 18

Webuye Milk Processing Plant sets to offer market to Bungoma Dairy farmers

The 140M Webuye Milk Processing Plant which was commissioned in 2019 by Governor Wycliffe Wangamati is now complete and ready to offer market to Bungoma dairy farmers.

The plant, with a capacity of producing approximately 40,000 litres of milk per day, is set to be fully operational in early 2022 and will see more than 150,000 small-scale farmers in Bungoma and Trans Nzoia counties benefit directly and 200,000 residents benefit indirectly from the multi-million-shilling agriculture project.

In preparation for supply of milk to the plant, the County government of Bungoma has installed 21 milk coolers across the nine sub counties that will be used as collection points before transportation to the processing plant while at the same time supported close to 2,000 famers to upgrade their local breed cows to cross-breed through Artificial Insemination for better yields.

Bungoma has a total of 22 established dairy cooperatives; currently only 8 are active with each producing 8,000 litres of milk a day, enough to sustain the operation of the plant. 

The Milk processing plant, one of the projects in the envisioned Webuye industrial park, will process milk and various dairy products that will be sold locally and exported to other regions. 

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For the first time Bungoma will produce and sell its own processed dairy products made in Bungoma .

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