We killed security operative, three others in six months - Suspected cultist

We killed security operative, three others in six months – Suspected cultist

A suspected cultist has confessed that his cult group was responsible for the killing of four persons out of several individuals that lost their lives in cult related killings in last six months in Awka, Anambra State.

The suspect who identified himself as Udenta Odozie, made the confession while being paraded with over 128 suspects at the Police Command in Amawbia, Awka South Local Government Area of the state.

He said only two cult groups existed in Awka, with each gang after each member’s life, adding that they were not under instructions from anyone to do so.

He said, “We’re in different catels and we’re five in mine. We have different ways of identifying our members and those of our rival group, especially by our the way we greet.

“We have only two cult groups in Awka, Black Axe and Vikings. We’re after each other. We don’t get orders or instructions from anyone. Once we identify member of rival gang, we eliminate him.

“Sometimes, we’re mobilized for election jobs, some of us are not even from Anambra State.”

Confirming the arrest, Commissioner of Police Aderemi Adeoye, said no individual has been indicted as sponsors of the cultists, but vowed not to spare anyone behind sponsorship of the cult activities.

He said, “We had thought someone is bankrolling their activities, but from our investigations, no sponsor has been indicted, otherwise, we would have gone after them because there’s no sacred cows in this battle.

“But I’m happy to note that since after we launched operations on cult activities, spate of killings have reduced in the state capital.

“Within a week of launching the operation, 34 cultists were arrested, interrogated,  charged and remanded in prison custody.

“We also tracked one of the most dangerous killers in Enugu and arrested him at his hideouts.

“During his mindboggling confessions, he said his own gang had killed four persons in Awka in last six months, including a private security guard. 

“He said they killed the guard not because he’s a security guard, but because he belonged to a rival gang. 

“He also confessed being responsible for the abduction of someone who his gang killed after extorting the sum of N2.4million from him.”

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