Wade into our leadership tussle to avert looming fratricide -Anambra community begs Soludo

Wade into our leadership tussle to avert looming fratricide -Anambra community begs Soludo

…the appeal was made during a press conference following leadership tussle between the PG and Regent of the town

Amawbia community in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State has called on Governor Chukwuma Soludo and security agencies to intervene in the lingering leadership crisis rocking the town to forestall looming fratricide.

Chief Custodian Authority of Amawbia Tradition and Customs, High Chief Ozo Dan Maduka made the appeal in a press conference following power tussle between President General of the community, Mr Godwin Aronu and Regent to the Royal Crown, Chief Emeka Maduka.

The PG had alleged what he termed unwarranted interference of the Regent in the running of the town union, thereby causing animosity in the area.

The embattled Regent, on his part, had accused the PG of being the architect of his doom, adding that his activities had brought lot of problems to the community.

He further alleged that Aronu was recently sacked by the Okpaligwe-in- Council, and had secretly bought guns, bullets, amoured vests and vehicles, as well as spent over N70 million from the town’s Sovereign Welfare Fund. 

But addressing newsmen on Wednesday, the town’s Chief Custodian Authority described the embattled Regent as an imposter, saying he had seized to be both an Ozo title holder and Nze Ngene village. 

He said contrary to claims that Aronu was removed by the Okpaligwe-in-Council as the Town Union’s PG, Maduka was stripped of his dual titles with a sanction of N11million by Chief Ofodile led review committee.

He said he had already petitioned the governor, the Police and Department of State Services (DSS) over the matter, following Maduka’s refusal to honor several invitations sent to him by his cabinet.

He said, “The purported removal of the PG, Engr. Goody Aronu was not an impeachment but a coup to destabilize Awka capital territory and dividend of democracy being projected by Governor Chukwuma Soludo.

“Mr. Emeka Maduka with his team of land grabbers invaded Agu Amawbia and forcefully acquired all the lands without knowledge of the PG and Head of Traditional Ozo institution of Amawbia.

“Maduka’s claim that the PG spent N70million from our sovereign welfare fund is a pity and unfortunate because he lacks knowledge of the town’s asset. The 70million insinuation is likened to giving dog a bad name.

“The truth is that Maduka wanted to grab the land at Agu Amawbia and our sovereign welfare fund. That was why after PG’s purported removal, he singlehandedly nominated three people to forcefully take over both the land and fund.

“Maduka’s action has generated dangerous crisis in Amawbia town. He permanently locked the PG’s office and Town Union Secretariat with his armed cultists and guards.

“I’m calling all security apparatus and Chief Security Officer of the State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo to intervene and stop Mr. Emeka Maduka from pushing Amawbia into a fratricide.”

Legal adviser to the Traditional Ozo institution of Amawbia, Nelson Uzoegbo condemned what he termed indecent haste that characterized the purported removal of the PG, which he said described as unconstitutional.

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