US election: Risk voting out Trump at your peril - Anambra cleric warns Americans 1

US election: Risk voting out Trump at your peril – Anambra cleric warns Americans

As American citizens go to presidential poll November 3, General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries, a.k.a By Fire By Fire, Nnewi, Anambra State, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh has warned Americans against deviating from returning Donald Trump for a second tenure.

Udeh gave the warning during Sunday service dedicated to the success of Trump in the November election who he described as the protector of Christians across the globe particularly in Nigeria against “the evil intentions of the Islamic fundamentalists.”

He said the worst thing that could happen to America as a nation would be to allow Biden win the presidential election, which he said would not only affect Americans negatively but other Christian countries of the world.

He said that it was revealed to him in the spiritual realm that Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden as a Democrat had secret alignment with China, Turkey and some other world powers to work for the success of Biden in order to wield influence in American economy and politics.

The Bishop alleged that Biden and former American President, Barack Obama had been working in tandem with secret agenda to see that Trump did not win the election. He urged Christians all over the world to rise in anger with prayers to forestall any progress Biden could make so that Trump would win.

” Democrats are hell-bent to see that Joe Biden wins. They want Trump out of the system. There is nothing they have not done to see Trump out of the way. They connived with Russia and China and sent Covid-19 pandemic to Trump and they also tried impeachment. But all these things failed and they will continue to fail even with their membership of Illuminati because Jesus Christ is the last answer.

“Voting for Biden in the election is voting for disaster and it’s obvious that nothing good will come from him. Was it not his political ally, Obama who legalized gay marriage and other ant-social policies when he held sway as the American President? If Trump doesn’t win, but God forbid, Christians will be in trouble.

” There is a clear evidence that Trump has the capability to fix the American economy based on what he has already done. Just give him two years without anybody troubling him, he will perform wonders, ” the Bishop said.

Back home, Bishop Udeh berated Ohaneze NdIgbo for disowning the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He noted that the North and other ethnic nationalities protected their youths and all those fighting for the interest of their individual regions “whereas the reverse is the case with our Governors and Ohaneze NdIgbo. What will that benefit them?”

“I’m not a member of the IPOB or any group whatsoever. I’m talking as a priest who hears the voice of God. I’ll not condone evil and I must speak out against all odds,” the Bishop submitted.

For the nation, Bishop Udeh said he saw in a prophesy Buhari’s “masquerade” moving in Aso Rock and urged Vice President Yemi Osibanjo to unveil the “masquerade” for Nigerians to know who is behind the “mask” or consider resignation. He said other government functionaries including the Chief of Staff should summon courage and tell Nigerians the true position in Aso Rock.

The Bishop also described the recent #EndSARS protest as a sign of “serious” revolution coming. He insisted that the revolution could only be averted, if the country would be quickly restructured or allow Biafrans and other agitators to go their separate ways as individual nations.

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