Tuesday, December 7

United States to declare Diwali a Federal holiday

India became the country of light in this auspicious Diwali day. This is the festival of victory of light over the darkness. The light of joy also has reached the United States. 

In US, from now on, the bill has been introduced in the lower house of the US Congress, the House of Representatives, to declare Diwali a Federal holiday. Caroline B. Malone, a Democrat from New York, introduced the bill in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. He was accompanied by several members of the US Congress of Indian descent, such as King Krishnamurti. Influential Congressman Gregory Mix has backed the bill since it was proposed. 

The House of Foreign Affairs Committee also supported the holiday bill and questioned the bill.  

In support of the bill, Gregory Mix, chairman of The House of Foreign Affairs Committee, said: “This (Diwali) is something that should be shared with everyone in American society. This is a very good day, because we are talking about the victory of light over darkness. We are in favor of this bill.” 

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Asked about the “Federal Holiday” in Capitol Diwali, Malone said, “I am delighted to introduce the Diwali Day Act Bill. Diwali is a symbol of the nation’s progress against the dark times of this year’s Covid. I am proud to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, the victory of the wicked over the evil. 

By celebrating Diwali, we all want to be a beacon of happiness, healing, education, light and indefinite times for the nation.” 

King Krishnamurti highlighted the religious and historical significance of Diwali in the US Congress.”.

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