UN has outlived her usefulness, Nnewi based prophet declares 

UN has outlived her usefulness, Nnewi based prophet declares 

The Spiritual Head of Soul Revival Outreach, Nnewi, Anambra State, Prophet Iyke Uzukwu on Sunday says the United Nations (UN) has outlived her usefulness.

Prophet Uzukwu said as a matter of fact that, with the way UN is carrying on, it won’t be long before another proactive organization comes on board to replace the UN.

He expressed worry that most of the issues that led to full time war in the nations of the world are minor issues neglected by UN which according to him led to snowballing of such developments into war. 

Prophet Uzukwu noted that the UN is brewing huge crises in Mali that may consume the nation because of the failure of the organization to conduct referendum for the country in March as agreed.

“It’s only God that has been preventing war in Nigeria, the level of killings going on in South East is unprecedented yet none of the international news media has deemed it fit to report the ugly development.

“Some regions are complaining of marginalization and are calling for referendum, yet the UN has been carrying on as if it doesn’t matter if a whole lot of people are wiped off. One thing that has remain constant is that the international organization would fein ignorance of happenings bothering on injustice only for powers that be in the group to start supplying arms and ammunition to the affected countries once it becomes a full blown war.

“I am beginning to think that the UN is embarking on a systematic approach to thin down the population of countries all over the world especially in Africa. Today, UN forces is standing guard at the border town between the East and West obviously waiting for the eventuality.” He explained.

Prophet Uzukwu accused the UN of being behind the killing of forward looking African leaders like Gen Sani Abacha, Col Marman Gaddafi and others who according to him are passionate about liberating their countries from the stranglehold of the organization.

“People may not believe what I am saying but it is the truth, the world powers are in conspiracy against the growth and development of Africa. China is building roads, constructing railways and building bridges for their host countries, what has the former colonial masters done for their former colonies?

During the administration of Dr Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria was 4th growing economy in the world, the superpowers were not comfortable with that development, they all conspired to terminate his government and foisted Gen Muhammadu Buhari on Nigerians.

None of the British colonies is doing well, African leaders should break away economically and politically from them and run their counties as independent ones.” Prophet Uzukwu stressed.

He accused the UN and her agents of killing Chief MKO Abiola because of his stance against them and many other people who are pan African in nature and disposition.

Prophet Uzukwu gave statistics of the number of people who have paid the supreme price and those injured in the Super Powers induced crises and wars.

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