TUJ grand meeting holds after 11 years

TUJ grand meeting holds after 11 years

…as TUJ announces interim committee to conduct elections

LANDIKOTAL: After the hectic efforts of senior journalists Tribal Union of Journalists(TUJ) announced interim committee to conduct elections across the merged districts in the coming six months.

In this connection, a grand meeting of merged districts based journalists was held here in Hayatabad which was attended by a large number of journalists from the districts of Khyber,Mohmand,Bajaur ,Orakzai and other esrtwhile Fata press clubs.
A 18-member committee was also constituted who will compile the constitution for the union and conduct elections at districts level press clubs. 

The meeting was informed about the challenges and risks being faced by tribal journalists. 

Through mutual consensus in the meeting Qazi Fazlullah was announced as chairaan and Gul Muhammad Mohmand vice chairman for six months. They  committee had to conduct fresh elections across the merged districts’ press clubs within six months.

Speaking on the occasion, Qazi Fazlullah, former Bara press club president Khadim Khan Afridi,Noorsat Afridi,Abuzar Afridi,Bajaur press press culb former president Hasbanullah,Gul Mohammad Mohmand,Shaheed Khan Orakzai,Khan Zaman Orakzai,Noor Muhammad Mohmand and others said that Tribal Union of Journalists was not inactive for the past thriteen years. They said during militancy tribal journalists got killed,injured and displaced but they had no platform to raise voice for their protection.

Qazi Fazlullah said that they have lost 15 journalists and many others injured in targetted attacks and bomb blasts in ex-Fata. He said the government should take their work serious and provide them facilities and security. He said it was the need of the day to reunite the journalists. 

Qazi Fazlullah thanked Peshawar based senior journalists whose efforts made possible to reactive the nonfunctional Tribal Union of Journalists so that they could work smoothly.

Qazi Fazlullah urged journalists to shun out their differences with each other and work jointly for the betterment of country. He said journalists in Pakistan especially in Khyber Pakhunkhwa were passing through worst phase of the history.

“It was happened for the first time in ex-Fata that 15 of our fellow journalists lost their lives and  a number others fled from their hometowns”,said Qazi Fazlullah. 

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