Trump is still in charge in America, U.S Senator reminds critics 1

Trump is still in charge in America, U.S Senator reminds critics

A United States of America Senator, Rand Paul, has brought to the notice of those criticizing President Donald Trump over his decision to pull troops from Afghanistan to be careful as he is still the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S.
It was announced by Trump that the Pentagon will reduce troops on foreign missions to around 4,500 by the end of November, a decision that has drawn a lot of criticism and condemnation.

National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien, said the number should drop to 2,500 by January 2021, and zero in May, 2021, but Trump wants all the soldiers back home by Christmas.

Metro UK also quoted current and former administration officials as saying Trump fired Defense Secretary, Mark Esper for ‘opposing troop withdrawals,’ with more critics saying the plan to expedite withdrawals would set up a clash with top generals and civilians.

Those who are against the move argue that leaving Afghanistan while the security situation in the Asian country remains volatile is risky.

A retired CIA senior officer, Marc Polymeropoulos, who is also against the withdrawal of troops, protested that the President’s resolution was not advocated by military, political or intelligence leadership.

The decision, Polymeropoulos said, is “on an old campaign promise by President Trump now carried out by hyper-partisan Trump loyalists installed in a last-minute purge of Department of Defense; it is reckless and will not make America safer.”

However, in his reaction, Senator Paul who represents Kentucky has jumped in the defence of the President, saying if he issues an order, security chiefs must comply because he is still the Commander-in-Chief and has every right to make such orders.

“This is a reminder to those saying withdrawing troops may cause a clash with Generals and the Pentagon. There is only Commander-in-Chief, and that is Donald Trump, and when he orders the troops out of Afghanistan, the only proper answer is “Yes, sir,” Sen. Paul tweeted.

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