Trade Via Torkham In Decline Due To FC Personnel - Traders Claim

Trade Via Torkham In Decline Due To FC Personnel – Traders Claim

LANDIKOTAL: Traders and Torkham custom agents on Friday alleged that all departments at Torkham conduct their operations but Frontier Corps(FC)personnel intentionally use delay tactics that cause traffic jam in Torkham border due to which traders and truckers were facing financial losses. 

Speaking to a  crowded press conference Torkham custom agents association chairman Mirajuddin Shinwari, president Emal Shinwari, Amir Khan,Shahjehan and transporters association president Azeemullah Shinwari said that all the goods documentation process was taking timely. They said as per routine trucks had to cross the Torkham border within 24 hours but due to unnecessary dely by FC personnel trucks had to wait for days that suffer traders and truckers. 

They said that all these unfortunate delay hit financial blow to import and export taking place via Torkham border.They said long queues of loaded and empty trucks remained on both sides of the Torkham border for several days.

“Hundreds of trucks stranded on the roadsides and parking lots at Torkham border for several days by FC personnel who illegally conduct goods trucks” said Mirajuddin Shinwari. He added that due to slow process and delay at Torkham border suffer millions of rupees to national exchequre every day.

Traders and custom agents said that the government should facilitate truckers rather to make hurdles for them. Emal Shinwari said hurdles were created for truckers and traders at Torkham border.

He said if FC personnel were not stopped from making troubles for truckers they would be compelled to boycott from goods clearance and would stop all trade operations at Torkham border.

Emal Khan said as per law custom authorities were responsible for import and export. He said border security forces should not violate and must remain in their domains. He said FC personnel were checking and searching trucks and passengers luggages that compel trucks to wait for days at Torkham. 

The traders demanded of the inspector general Frontier Crops(IGFC) to direct frontier crops officials not to put hurdles and allow loaded trucks to cross the border within 24 hours stay at Torkham.

The speakers threatened to give call for wheel jam strike if their demands were not entertained. 

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