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Torkham Land Dispute: Arbitration Committee meets with Khugakhel tribe

By: Ashrafuddin Pirzada

PAKISTAN: Khugakhel tribesmen, National Logistic Cell(NLC) and arbitration committee on Friday agreed to resolve the Torkham land dispute by an independent Jirga comprising of Zakhkhel and Shinwari elders.

Earlier on Friday, a consultative meeting of arbitration committee was held with the protesting Khugakhel tribe elders at Khyber Rifles mess in Landikotal.

Torkham Land Dispute: Arbitration Committee meets with Khugakhel tribe 1

Besides a number of Khugakhel elders including Malik Masil Khan,Zakaria Khan, ,Malik Abdur Razaq Zakhakhel,Shakir Afridi,DC Khyber Mansoor Arshad,commandant Khyber Rifles Rizwanullah Nazir, DPO Khyber Imran Khan, NLC head colonel(R)Aziz,PTI leader Shahid Khan Shinwari and Shalmani and Afridi elders also participated the meeting.

Commandant Khyber Rifles while speaking to the arbitration committee meeting said they have done mutually done agreement with Khugakhel nine committee members in July 2021.

He said some people within the said tribe were trying to mislead the rest of tribesmen.He said few people from the Khugakhel tribe with their false agenda challenged the state and damaged government installations. He said according to the mutual agreement NLC took 727 canal of Khugakhel tribe land on leased for 99 years. He added that Khugakhel tribe was getting its monthly income from the leased land since four years.

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“I am trying to resolve the issue peacefully between NCL and Khugakhel tribe”,said col, Rizwan.He added that in the past few days protesters used harsh words againat the state authorities and damaged state assets. He asked the participants to find a durable solution for the issue arised between Khugakhel tribe and National Logistic Cell. He asked those who protested have had their moral right but their agitation must not be beyond the rules of business. He said some miscreants used the Khugakhel tribe name for their wasted intersts.He urged not to devide the nation and stop creating chaos in the peaceful enviornment. Col, Rizwan named Dawn television and accused that it spread misconception on the Khugakhel issue with NLC.

Deputy commissioner of Khyber Arshad Mansoor said state could not be defeated but always tried to calm down its inhabitants.He urged mediamen to talk about the agreement and arrange debate so that every one should know about the agreement signed with NLC.

Malik Abdur Razaq Zakhakhel said Shinwari,Afridi and Shalmani tribesmen were peaceful and always support authorities. Talking about the road closure by the Khugakhel protesters for four days Malik Abdur Razaq condemned it and  apologized for it.

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Advocate Liaqat Shinwari said that the agreement signed was not legally binding to inforce as four of the nine member of Khugakhel tribe committee were against and did not signed it.Pointing to Col, Rizwan’s wording, advocate Liaqat said they were not miscreants not they support those who were on road for the past one week.

Zakaria Shinwari urged to constitute an authorised and independent jirga of Zakhakhel and Shinwari to resolve the issue peacefully.

PTI leader Shahid Khan Shinwari offered himself to play role to settled down the issue.

Deputy commissioner Mansoor Arshad said soon the Jirga would hold its meeting to address the Khugakhel tribe genuine demands. DC pleged that he would be with the Khugakhel tribe if NLC violate the agreement.

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