Torkham Border Reopens After Six Days Closure

Torkham Border Reopens After Six Days Closure

TORKHAM: The deadlock final over and Pakistan amd Afghanistan jointly reopened the Torkham border that remained closed for six days, officials on Saturday,

Custom official Tamash Khan told The Daily Vendor that after the proper orders from Islamabad they reopened the border after six days of its closure. He said more than five thousands loaded trucks had been stranded in the past one week suspension of movement via Torkham border. He said despite the load of vehicles at Torkham border crossing they were managing to facilitate passengers who were waiting to continue their jurney via Torkham border. 

Custom officials said around 5000 million trade could not take place with Afghanistan in past one week due to the closure of border.
He said minimum of 400million rupees goods daily being exported to Afghanistan via Torkham border.

Traffick was jam on the road from Ali Masjid to Landikotal due to the heavy trucks who had started their jurney after a few days bloclade. Drivers and traansporters were happy wheb they heard about the reopeming of border. They thanked Pakistan for the decision to open the border for transporters. 

Torkham custom officials said that they had made four lines of loaded trucks to enter Afghanistan but due to issue in internet they could not file GDs. They said more than hundred trucks with import goods entered Pakistan via Torkham border in initial hours. He said rush at Torkham border also delayed the vehicles movement in Torkham. Officials said they had deployed extra staff members to manage the vehicles movements so that they could process the clearance documents. The offices would remain open for 24 hours so that all stranded trucks could move towards their distinations. 

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