Torkham border reopens after 10 days closure  

Torkham border reopens after 10 days closure  

LANDIKOTAL: Hundreds of trucks started their transportation on Tuesday after Torkham border closed for all kind of transportation was reopened after 10 days, officials said. 

They said that as the border was reopened for transportation more than 500 loaded trucks parked at Pakistani side proceeded their movment. 

Custom officials said they allowed cargo vehicles to cross the border.They said that Pakistani and Afghan officials met in Peshawar and resolved the issue. They said drivers were exempted from passport and visa till March 31. 

An official in Torkham said that on the request of Afghan ambassador in Peshawar they extended the visa and passport condition exemption for more then three months.He said both Pakistan and Afghan officials agreed to ban truckers without valid visa from from April.
” It were hard ten days I spent with my loaded truck on the Afghan side of the border in the harsh cold weather “, said Alam Jan Afghani whose truck was the first Afghan cargo vehicle crossed the Torkham  border and entered Pakistan after the reopoening of border . He was so happy said that thanks to almighty Allah and then Pakistan and Afghanistan to settled down the matter. Like wise, all the truckers and traders were happy when they heard about the resumption tranasportarion via  Torkham.
Meanwhile, extra traffic police personnel were deployed at various spots in Landikotal and Torkham to keep the traffic running  smoothly. 

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