Torkham Border Remains Closed On 3rd Day

Torkham Border Remains Closed On 3rd Day

TORKHAM: The Torkham border crossing that had been closed by Afghan government three days ago could not reopned as Afghan authorities want to put pressure on Pakistan to accept their demands,sources said on Tuesday.

Pakistan through different channels extend their wellingness to negotiate the issue and find a peaceful solution. 

This correspondent talked to a well-known Afghan businessman and Afghan custom clearing agent Haji Master Gardiwal.Quoting the Afghan commissioner Torkham  Sadiqullah and district governor Qari Sajid, he said that Afghanistan placed few genuine conditions to Pakistan to accept. He said Emarat-e-Islami Pakistan must ensure to take their conditions serious then they could talk on the reopening of Torkham borde r crossing. Gardiwal said Afghanistan wants free movement of those who live on both sides of Torkham border. He said Pakistan  must allow patients from Afghaniatan without travel documents. He said Afghanistan wants from Pakistan to bring easement in border conditions for alls especially for traders and daily wagers. 

Pakistan custom official Tamash Khan told this scribe that their offices were remained close due to current situation. He said since three days non of the custom employee could join duty to process the export and import trucks standing on the both sides of the border. He said due to the closure of Torkham offices huddreds of trucks stranded at Torkham terminal.

He said trucks stranded with different goods waiting for clearance on the both sides of the bordr. Drivers of the trucks said they had loaded fresh fruits and vegetables that could be spoiled if the border not reopned soon. Javed said for the last four days he was waiting at Torkham to enter Afghanistan and transport goods from Pakistan.  

Citizens urged Pakistan and Afghanistan to allow the passengers waiting across the border. They said hundreds of passengers including patients,women and children have been compelled to stay in rooms and shads in Torkham. 

Official sources said that they approached Afghan authorities to held table talks but to no avail. 

It may be added here that Afghan government closed down Torkham border for all kinds of movement three days ago after Pakistan border authorities not allowed a patient to enter via Torkham without valid travel documents. Later they fired shots on the Pakistanis security posts on the border in which a soldier was also injured.

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