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The beliefs about Tattoos

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Tattoos date back thousands of years. There is firm evidence that tattooing is an ancient art form, after discoveries of tattoos on mummified skin were found. The oldest evidence of human tattoo is believed to be from between 3370BC and 3100 BC

Tattoos were not very common or socially acceptable until the mid 20th century, where they were reserved for a small population, mainly those in the entertainment industry. Fully tattooed people became a popular attraction.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the majority of tattoos were found on circus performers or sailors. Tattoos were used to tell someone’s personal story, as well as their professions. For example, it was common for a sailor to have an anchor tattoo.

Within the sailing community, tattoos also became a mark of belonging. Young sailors would be tattooed after joining, almost like an initiation ceremony, to welcome them on board. 

From here, the traditional art form continued to grow and had some more of a practical purpose. Many of the tattoos were used for identification purposes if sailors fell overboard or drowned.

The young and the old do tattoo in their bodies not knowing its impact in one’s life spiritually, physically, psychologically and health wise.

Speaking to The Daily Vendor Newspaper correspondent in Kenya, a man of God, Pastor Richard Wamalwa of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church Bungoma on the issue of tattoo he pointed out that according to him tattoos are not good and each and every tattoo one puts in his or her body has an attachment to the spiritual world.

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“Tattoo is not good but I can not condemn anyone who has a tattoo because some of them had it without knowing its implication in there life and body and when one comes to church and has a tattoo on his body, he or she can be prayed for so as to detach any attachment of the tattoo and his body in the spiritual world then eventually he or she is saved from any demonic attachment of the tattoo.” Said Pastor Richard Wamalwa.

Adding on his sentiment, he said that a part from the tattoo defying you spiritually, it also has an effect health wise, since when one gets the tattoo on his body it gives an opening for any kind of disease since its a cut and also the machines used for tattoo printings has very harmful rays that may cause harm to ones blood and body causing many dangerous diseases.

He advised the youths not to get a tattoo on their body and in case one is in a group of people doing that he or she should advise them quoting the bible scriptures on evil tattoos.

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