Strange disease kill atleast 15 children in Niger


Pediatric hospitals in Minna in the state capital of Niger State have been thrown into fear, following the mysterious deaths of over 15 persons below the ages of five years.

It was revealed that the medical experts in the state are yet to establish the cause of the disease.

The victims usually experience stooling, vomiting and eventually weaken their bodies.

It was gathered that the ailment has no specific protocol for cure, but could be managed and if not properly managed could kill the children within three days.

Findings revealed that the ailment attacks the children like normal vomiting and stooling that accompany development of milk teeth in them.

A woman who lost her daughter, Aisha narrated that “initially we thought it was just mere development of milk teeth but we came to the hospital this morning and we lost Aisha, the Doctor said it was a strange disease attacking children.”

Findings revealed that five children died in a ward at Minna General Hospital indicating how speedily the disease kills children.

A source said that within a week no fewer than 20 children died within Minna alone.

A check at privately owned Pediatric hospitals in Minna in the state capital indicated that there were upsurge in the number of mothers anxiously waiting to see Doctors .

At the children wards of Minna general hospital, the wards were also full to capacity as many children were on admission for monitoring.

The commissioner of Health and Hospital Services, Niger state, Dr Mohammed Makusidi told newsmen that the situation was caused by change of weather resulting in gastro entities in the children.

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While asked on the rate of death recorded he said “from my findings it was brought under control, not up to 15 of the death of children were recorded but it is not a virus, it was a bacterial related.”

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