Special Persons Demand Quota In Govt Jobs

Special Persons Demand Quota In Govt Jobs

LANDIKOTAL: Demanding for quota in all government jobs,special persons in Landikotal on Wednesday said that influentials have deprived of their livelihood and compelled them to begging in bazaars.

Speaking to a press conference held at Landikotal press club disabled Welfare Organization Landikotal president Qari Anwr Jamal and General Secretary Shah Fahad said that their seats in the government jobs had been given to normal persons. He said a numbers of times few of his organization members applied for jobs but they were ignored. He said their due right was not given to them so that they could also contribute for the country.
Anwar Jamal said 1800 special persons were registered with his organization in Landikotal but non of them yet recruited on special person quota. He said intentionally local leaders and officials ignor them whenever vacancies being advertised. He said as per law they have two percent job quota in all departments. He demanded of the government to set technical and professional educational centres for special persons in Landikotal so that they could be trained and earn for their families. He said whenever a disabled person not get proper education and vocational training would be burden of the entire family.
Qari Anwar Jamal said likewise in Jamrud and Bara an office must be established for them where they could be met and discuss their problems. 

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