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Sit-at-home: Your voice is heard, it’s time to re-strategize – Daddy Hezekiah urges IPOB

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Founder and leader of Living Christ Mission Inc, Onitsha, Anambra State, His Grace, Most Rev Prof Daddy Hezekiah has called on the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to reconsider the sit-at-home order for better and more effective outcome.

The cleric who gave the advice while fielding questions from newsmen at the 37th Anniversary of the Temple Mothers of the church, described the directive as becoming counter-productive, saying it was time to retreat having made their stand known.

He said, “Sit-at-home is only important and fruitful when you are dealing with people with conscience. If you sit at home in civilized countries, the authorities will be panicky.

“But in Nigeria, they don’t even understand what it means. It doesn’t move the government. They will even love you sit at home for years so the Igbos will suffer and our industries will crumble.

“Since those in authority don’t think of the good of the Igbos, I’ll advise the IPOB in the interest of the Igbos to reconsider their actions and restrategisze. Let it be occasional, probably the days Kanu will appear in court.

“Let them feel the pulse of the people and find out how much the people are being affected negatively. Having created the awareness, allowing it to continue every week will be counterproductive, because it’s now affecting the same people you’re championing their cause.”

While applauding the people of the zone for the show of solidarity to the directive, Daddy Hezekiah who is also the proprietor and chancellor, Hezekiah University Umudi, Imo state called on Britain not to fold its hands and watch its citizen face maltreatment.

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He added, “I’ll will not fail to thank the Igbos for showing solidarity. Honestly, I didn’t know it would succeed to this extent, even though they didn’t deploy any violence.

“I’ll send a message to IPOB that their message has been delivered and accepted by the Igbos and their actions have shown their maximum support. They’ve won the hearts of Igbos.

“I also call on Britain not to fold its hands because Kanu is their citizen. He’s not a terrorist, but only protesting for the betterment of his tribe. I’ll never support him if he’s a terrorist.

“It’s only God who’s protecting Kanu. If nothing is being done to the abducted school children, what do you think will be the fate of Kanu? We should continue praying for him. I’ll call on the international community to put pressure on Nigeria to release him because he’s innocent.

“The man is interested in the well-being of the Igbos who are being marginalized. Therefore his arrest is illegal. That man has really suffered, someone the government went to his house and destroyed many things.

“It was because of him they came up with this python dance. Even when he lost his father, they didn’t want him to come and bury him. What did he do to warrant these embarrassments?

“I also want to appeal to the IPOB to maintain civility in their protest. I’ll not like them to resort to Boko Haram style. Their decent approach will earn them more support from the Igbos and others.
Daddy Hezekiah further frowned at what he described as disconnect between President Mohammadu Buhari and Nigerians, saying such absence was capable of distablizing the country.
He added, “The situation of the country is very bad, nothing is working and it’s very unfortunate. In fact, Nigeria is like a country without leadership. The rate of kidnapping, pervasion of justice by courts, strikes everywhere. Sometimes I wonder what these kidnappers do with these young secondary school girls, some of them might be virgins.

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“Go to the bank and deposit N500,000, you’ll be taxed. The same thing with withdrawal. This is not fair. This closure of BDC where you’ll pay N35m to obtain a licence, has rendered people jobless. Same with forex.

“Think of how christians are being killed in Southern Kaduna. Yet, nobody has been arrested till now. I’m yet to see efforts of those in authority to help the situation. Instead, they are very insensitive to the plight of the masses and keep making excuses.

“Absence of a leader distabliszes the country. Everyone will be doing whatever they like. But assuming he is reachable, people would have lodged their complaints.

“I’ll love a day Buhari will appear before everyone. We’re tired of only seeing his picture and hearing his voice. As the head of state, we’ll like to know where he is. Personally, I’ll like to shake hands with him.

“I’m not criticising the government, but appealing to them to wake up. We’ll continue praying for the country because governance and leadership is not easy.”
Earlier, President, Temple Mothers, Mrs. Grace Ezeuzor advised mothers to be trustworthy and hard-working as against laziness, stressing need for them to have initiatives and good sense of organization.

She said, “A God-fearing mother should not be wasteful but to manage little resources available to them especially in this period of economic recession.

“She is expected to join hands with her husband to bring up their children in God’s fear by being examples in conduct, speech, dressing and lifestyle.

“When a mother dresses indecently, spreads rumours and gossips, she has derailed from being a helpmate. God-fearing mothers should encourage their husbands and children to be useful in church and to avoid idleness and confusion.”

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The event featured presentation of awards to Daddy Hezekiah by Umuada Igbo Nigeria and in Diaspora, comprising membership from seven Igbo speaking states of Abia, Imo, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Delta and Rivers states.

The two precious daughters of the man of God, Princess Hephzibah Chukwunazaekpere and Mighty Princess Samuel Divine-Gift Onyinyeomachukwu received Chinyereugo of Umuada Igbo Nigeria and Umuada Igbo Nwachukwu respectively.

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