Friday, January 21

Silence on big corruption cases in Nigeria worries CDD

Center for Democracy and Development has expressed concerns over the silence of the Federal Government on big corruption cases in the country.

The group cited the lack of action despite the revelations of the forensic report on the Niger Delta Development Commission, stressing that only an impartial attitude was needed to tackle corruption in the country.

This was contained in a statement by the Director of the group, Idayat Hassan, titled, ‘CDD wants Government, Citizens to unite in fighting corruption’.

The statement read in part, “More worrying was the federal government’s lack of response to suspected instances of monumental corruption. An example is the recent revelations involving the Niger Delta Development Commission and the Minister for Niger Delta Affairs.

“We believe that without a firm and impartial attitude toward corruption, Nigerians will suffer even more from the consequences of corruption. With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging and recovery efforts being pieced together, addressing corruption will be key to the success of the recovery efforts.” She pointed out.

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The director of CDD said further that corruption has attained a national emergency status that requires a collaborative strategy, involving the government and the citizens to combat.

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