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Home News Sen. Akpabio: Is Amaechi The Chief Of Army Staff?

Sen. Akpabio: Is Amaechi The Chief Of Army Staff?

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Wonders, they say shall never end. Fresh revelations have emerged which signalled the failed implementation of the Warsaw threat of Akpabio and his cohorts. It was a failed effort to invade Akwa Ibom, crush her people in order to enthrone anarchy. But God seeing the innocence of our people, frustrated the devices of the crafty that their hands could not perform their enterprise.

Before the elections, there were threats of war from Akpabio. There were also threats of using the federal might to disenfranchise the people of the state. But it failed, because the people’s might could not be cowed by the federal might.

There were sinister plans by Akpabio to duplicate the crisis that happened in Rivers state, before, during and after the election in Akwa Ibom. He did this by approaching the former minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi to facilitate the onslaught of army personnels in Akwa Ibom. The plan was that if Akwa Ibom would have the same number of soldiers in Rivers, they would take over the state. That was why Akpabio was confident to tell the President that elections in the state would be concluded within 3 hours.

But Amaechi refused his request. But why would Akpabio be begging Amaechi to deploy army to a state which has witnessed peace in totality ever since he vacated the Hilltop Mansion? Is Amaechi the Chief of Army Staff, or are soldiers used to effect electoral reforms as he bragged the other day? This is one reason I still believe beyond doubt that ‘wonders will never end’.

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The reason why Amaechi refused to facilitate the release of soldiers into Akwa Ibom may not be unconnected to the attacks perpetuated by Akpabio to frustrate Amaechi, when he was the Chairman of PDP Governor’s forum. Akpabio used that office to fight Amaechi and even pushed him out to the APC. He forgot in a hurry what he did to the Rivers man, not knowing that Amaechi has a long memory and doesn’t forgive until vengeance is done.

Akpabio forgot in a hurry. This perhaps explains why he forgot how he became the governor of the state. This is also the reason why he speaks from two sides of his mouth. He would say one thing today, and a different thing the next day. He has a short memory, maybe his amnesiac is growing worse on daily basis.

Today, since Amaechi refused his request to send soldiers to kill and destroy Akwa Ibom people, he is now moving from house to house to blackmail Amaechi. He has succeeded in blackmailing Amaechi to all political stakeholders in the country. Of course, this is Akpabio’s stock in trade. He is very good at destroying people’s image just to be seen as the only saint. Indeed he’s the best Conspirator of our generation. But is Amaechi that easy to be destroyed by Akpabio? Besides, is Amaechi the Chief of Army Staff?

Now, when Akpabio and Nsima Ekere discovered that they have failed, they now resorted to using militants to cause mayhem in Akwa Ibom. But God saved us and exposed their plans before the election. Is this how Akpabio wanted to enhance electoral reforms in the country?

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Truth is, if it were to be in liberal states, Akpabio would have rotten in jail by now. He wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be talking about electoral reforms when he is the chief destroyer of electoral reforms.

He has never in his entire life won elections through the ballot box. He has never subscribed to free and fair elections in the state. In fact, Akpabio is allergic to free, fair and credible elections. He’s a product of a rigged system.

Akwa Ibom people should be grateful to God and Rotimi Amaechi for not allowing the plans of Akpabio to prevail.

Akpabio should cover his face in shame and stop parading himself as a nationalist. Nationalists do not plan to annihilate their people, they fight to keep them alive.

He should stop fighting Amaechi, because he is not the Chief of Army staff, and Only God was involved in the struggle for the liberation of Akwa Ibom from the hands of Akpabio, so he failed like Haman.

Umani Uwemedimo is an Abak based Public Affairs analyst

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