Seminar on Fata status restoration held in Landikotal

Seminar on Fata status restoration held in Landikotal

Malik Busmillah Afridi said they were struggling for the restoration of Fata status they had in the past

LANDIKOTAL: Fata Qaumi Jirga held a day-long seminar titled restoration of special constitutional status of Fata here on Sunday. 

A large number of ex-government servants,Maliks and tribal elders from Jamrud,Mulagori,Bara and Landikotal participated.

Speaking on the occasion Haji Manan Mulagori said that they were promised to bring a vital developmental change in Fata districts but nothing was given to them yet. He said hollow promises were made by that time to make the unconstitutional change happen.

Malik Abdur Razaq Zakhakhel said Fata merger snatched their identity.Adding that neither they were tribal nor they were yet considered Kgyber Pakhunkhwa citizens.He said they want peace in the tribal areas which was a serious concern of every citizens in erstwhile Fata now a day.

Haji Gul Mulagori said that they were deceived on the name of merger so that they could fulfil their vasted interests. He said jirga system was dismentaled intentionally to create chaose in ex-Fata. He said thousands of land disputes cases had been filed in courts but court did not resolved a single case in the past few years. 

Malik Khalid Afridi said that they live in a status of uncertanity as officials have no yet given the law to implement.

Malik Busmillah Afridi said they were struggling for the restoration of Fata status they had in the past. He said Fata was merged without the 15 million trubal people’s consent.

He said Fata was unconstitutionally mergered which had no legal status in the constitution of Pakistsn.

“It was foreign agenda  implemented to play with the life and properties of tribal people”, He said they wanted changes in Frontier Crimrs Regulations(FCR) and still they stand by their demands. He said that time government completely abolished FCR. He said they had filed a case in suprime court to reversed the unconstitional act done by a group of people. He said UNDP was working to chalk out a systemfor Fata which they would not ve accepted to them.He said tribals lived thousands of years under the tribal culture,tradition and norms but it were totally abolished all of a sudden. He said they could not live under the law imposed in setteled areas. He said their culture,traditions were derived from Islam. 

Bismillah said a number of political leaders who supported Fata merger now not happy with their decision. He alleged that rupees five billion of Ex-fata was used in Peshawar cantt developlement. He said hundreds of non Fata residents were hired in Fata health,education and other line deparents. 

Bismillah Afridi said dozens of people were killed in land disputes emerged after Fata merger but court not resolved a single dispute. 

He said government did not bother to take Fata people onboard while constructing goverement installations in ex-Fata districts. He appealed the suprime court to hear the fata merger case and decide it. 

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