Religious, Political Leaders Come Under Harmer As CENSTLEYO Holds Training Workshop In Awka 1

Religious, Political Leaders Come Under Harmer As CENSTLEYO Holds Training Workshop In Awka

By; Isaac Ojo

Religious and political leaders in Nigeria have been accused of deliberately closing up the spaces meant for the youths to operate.

The founder and CEO of CENSTLEYO, Mr Imah Felix Emeka made this accusation at Kenneth Dike Library Hall, Awka during a training workshop of the group.

Mr Emeka noted that the growth and development of the country is being retarded by the leadership of the nation who deliberately close up spaces and structures meant for youths to actualize their dreams and aspirations.

He said emphatically that things cannot go well with Nigeria until deliberate attempts are made by the youths to create a nitche for themselves.

“It is really unfortunate that we have been told that we are leaders of tomorrow since we were in primary school but the reality on ground today is that the so much talked about tomorrow may never come until something is done by the youths to get their ranks and file empowered.

“The religious leaders who are supposed to be giving proper advise to the political leaders end up committing conspiracy of silence against the youths because they benefit from all government in power.” Mr Emeka noted.

He also identified the media, philanthropists and even community leaders as being part of the unholy gang up against the youths, this according to him is being done by not making right orientation and proper coordination available to them.

Earlier, in his welcome address, the Anambra State Coordinator of CENSTLEYO, Comrade Nwadiogbu Ignatius said that the group is committed to raising a generation of young people with greater vision, innovation and focus.

Comrade Ignatius said further that CENSTLEYO is a movement aiming to increase the number of young active voices demanding good governance at all levels.

“As we all know that a table remains a plank without its supports, I enjoin us all for team work, just as a bird cannot fly with one wing. We cannot win with half of the team left outside of the game. I appeal for support and welcome ideas so that together we can right the historical wrongs.” He concluded.

Mr Uche Madubuko, the former Program Manager of JDPC, Onitsha who trained the members in attendance on ‘Evaluation of Local Government and Ward Actions using Task Result Checklist (TRC) said passion and commitment are the major factors for positive change in the society.

Mr Madubuko expressed worry that foreign NGOs have invested over three trillion dollars ($3tr) in Nigeria without anything much to show for their investment.

He urged the local government coordinators to reposition their members to be empowered.

Two hundred members participated in the one day seminar.

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