Tuesday, December 7

Relief to Bungoma residents as integrity Justice Centre is launched

A feeling of reassurance has engulfed Bungoma following the launch of an Integrity Justice Centre, which aims at fighting against social injustices in the community.

The luncheon which was attended by 68 Conveners from other Injustices Centres from Western region took place in Bungoma Town where the first Justice centre office was launched.

“The co-mandate of launching a Justice Centre in Bungoma is to educate the community on their rights so that they can liberate themselves because it is their right to fight injustices in the community.” Dorothy Adongo, Convener for Social Justice centre in Bungoma said.

Adongo added that there was a need to have a community voice that was going to speak on behalf of the community in a neutral manner.

This centre targets more on women beacause  they are the most affected, like cases of Gender Based Violence, Sexual Harassment and Defilement.

“A apart from GBV and Sexual harassment we have also incorporated health violences, where we will work with the health sector for a better mental health of our community.” Dorothy highlighted.

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Bungoma residents have been urged to feel free to report their challenges they face on social injustices, Cases of corruption,denial of access to basic needs and Youths unemployment has been on the rise in the county and that’s why the team decided to have a centre to curb such injustices.

Tobisto Osundwa, a convener of Busia Justice Centre, who accompanied his fellow conveners from different counties in Western region shed more light on the aim of having a Social Justice centre.

“The Constitution of Kenya 2010 gives citizens the power in article 1 which says all the sovereign power belongs to the people and that’s what the social Justice centres are.” Said Tobisto.

People who are suffering from Tuberculosis have been facing stigmatization, it is the aim of these centres too to give hope to those that are affected by providing them with the right information on healthcare services.

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