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Quit the blame game, be the change [Parenting tips]

By: Richard Okeke

If You Are Not Any Of Your Parents Favourite, Yet, You Remained Unbroken, You Are The Real MVP!

I was about 8 years old and in Primary School, then, when there was a fire outbreak in the school I attended. My immediate elder brother and I were at the same school.

The school was a street away from ours, so, parents did Ben Johnson and Usain Bolt, when it was reported that there was a fire outbreak in the school, in a bid to ensure that their ward(s) was/were saved.

Amidst the panic and unrest caused by the fire outbreak, pupils ran helter scatter, while teachers tried to control the situation. Just then, I saw my mother running towards the block housing my class and that of my elder brother, and I was elated and started shouting, “mama, mama, mama”! Thinking she was coming for me, as my class was the first room in that block. However, surprisingly, my mother ran pass my block and headed straight to my elder brother’s block, to get him. And whilst she ran, one can audibly hear her shouting, “Emma m, Emma m, Emma m (my Emma, my Emma, my Emma)”! My immediate elder brother’s name is, Emmanuel.

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It’s been decades since the aforementioned incident, and I have never mentioned it to a soul. This is the first time someone/people would learn of it.

Back then, as a kid, I made no meaning out of it, however, whilst my sojourn continued in the family as I mature, it became evident that I am from a family of “Rebecca and Isaac”, where they had preferred children.

Eventually, this became the main reason why I left my parents house at age 16, and have been a man, ever since. All thanks to God!

You know, often, my wife gets curious about my level of involvement in the lives of our children (not just the twins) because of how I am always available for them through thick and thin. I mean, when they were hospitalized, I was there with them and asked my wife to go to work, couple with the fact that she (wifey) has never done school runs (taken them to school, or, bring them back), since our kids started schooling, and I cannot count the number of times she has done homework with them. I strive to be available for them.

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Brethren, if you are experiencing, or, had experienced what I am on about, I am really sorry for your unpleasant experience. However, the time for blaming your parents are over, prove them wrong by doing better for your wards. Love, cherish and treat them equally as a loving parent would.

Be the change you desire!

Never trade what you desire most for what you want at the moment!!!

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