Presidential poll expression of Nigeria's acceptance of Obi - IPOB

Presidential poll expression of Nigeria’s acceptance of Obi – IPOB

The founder and vision bearer of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Emeka Emekesiri, Esquire has described the February 25 presidential election as am expression of general acceptance of Mr Peter Obi of the Labour Party by Nigerians.

He said the election had united men and women of good conscience with godliness and purity of heart who believe in righteousness, fairness, equity and justice, shunning discrimination and embraced themselves as one body irrespective of tribes, tongues or religion.

He said, “I want to tell all my fellow Obi-dients fighting for our freedom and liberation under the Obi-Datti Movement that all things work together for good to them that love God who are called according to his purpose. We have not lost the election. In fact, we have won.

“Surely, our principal Peter Obi and his Vice, Datti Ahmed, shall be sworn in to rule Nigeria.  Whoever knows Bola Tinubu should tell him that he will never rule Nigeria. We shall fight until we reclaim our victory. 

“INEC has set Nigeria on fire. We will not allow the rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in the high places of government who have kept us in bondage to continue to enslave us. Instead of allowing evil to prevail over Nigeria, the country shall disintegrate and go into oblivion.”

Describing judiciary as the last hope of the common man, Emekesiri warned that, “if the judiciary failed to uphold justice in this case, then the people should say, to your tents O Israel.

“That would warrant every person to go back to where he belonged before 1914. We are not begging them to do the right thing,” he stressed.

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